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What To Do With A Pet You Can't Keep

Updated on April 15, 2012

What To Do With A Pet You Can't Keep

Having a pet is very rewarding on so many levels; they don't judge us, hold any malice towards us or break our hearts. They become our best friends and a part of our family. They bring us so much joy and anyone whose never had a pet should experience the love that a cat or dog bestows upon us.

We love our pets and want them to have a healthy, happy and safe life with us; that includes a lot of our attention and affection. When there is a moment in your life where you have to part with your friend for any reason, being callous about it makes you a heartless person.

If you consider abandoning your pets someplace like on the side of a road, the woods or anywhere they will have to fend for themselves, their survival rate on their own is slim, especially if their domesticated. Pet's are like people. In all cases pet's depend on you like your children.

Unfortunately, there are circumstances where one would have to get rid of their pets, for example if you are someone else in your family has an allergy, are if you are moving to an apartment building that does not allow pets or maybe your dog or cat is too aggressive. Whatever reason you have to give up your pets, make sure you do some research before finding them a home.

Contacting a pet rescue group is a good idea, because they can help you find a good home for your pets and they can guide you in the right direction. Be wary of placing ads in your local want ads when giving up a pet; there are wack jobs out there who would look in the paper just to get a cat or dog to do sacrificial rituals and there are many other kinds of unstable people who would abuse your pets.

There are those who will get your pets and sell them to places that does experimentation on animals That should make you cringe just by the thought of those types of people getting a hand on your pets. If you can't find a responsible friend or family member who will love and take care of your pets, try the pet rescue places. You can ask your veterinarian if he or she knows of any pet rescue organizations or you can look online for it.

Avoid saying free dog or cat to a good home in ad you decide to place. The best thing to do is charge a price for your pet and it will weed out the riff raff that could be irresponsible for your pet. Usually people take pride in what they pay for and you want your pet to be valued by it's new owners.

When the day comes for you to give your pet to a loving family, make sure you've interviewed someone before handing over your pet. Arrange a meeting so that the potential new owner and Fido can become acquainted. Your dog or cat and his new owner should feel comfortable and you can see the reaction between them. It will make you feel more at ease about giving up your pet. Always leave the door open so that the new owner can bring the pet back to you so that you can find a more compatible home if things are not working out once the new owner has brought Fido to his or her home.

Don't try to unattach to your pet emotionally, they can sense that something is going on and it can worry them. Give them just as much love and attention as you did before. The new owner will want to have all information about your pet, like whether or not he has all his shots up to date, medical records and they will want to know what he eats and when. Be sure to supply his favorite toys, dish, leash and whatever leftover food he has, that will be appreciated and helpful for the new owners.

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