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What To Do With A Stray Dog.

Updated on July 24, 2012
Meet Cabby!
Meet Cabby!

There is nothing like living in the country! Open spaces, beautiful landscapes and neighbors are not right on top of you. Because of our country living we are able to have a few dogs, eight to be exact! They romp and play and love being dogs without too much restrictions. But there is one thing about living in the country and dogs. People who have unwanted dogs seem to think every country house is willing to take in their dumped off pets. We have seen our share of lost and unwanted four legged friends and have learned much in what to do with a stray dog.

This morning, I went through my regular routine of letting the dogs out to do their outdoor duties! About fifteen minutes later, they were causing a ruckus, barking and yelping! I opened the back door to check on the matter and to my surprise they cornered an animal in my cabbage patch. At first I thought is was another gopher or groundhog, so I called my dogs off. When I went to investigate is was an adorable beagle or basset hound mix puppy! Instead of my cabbage patch producing cabbages or babies, it gave us a puppy! Another dumped dog!

Understand, we are poor folk and barely able to feed the dogs we have, but in our hearts we can not just toss this creature of God's to the pound. After all God as made us stewards of the land and that includes the creatures upon the earth. She was scared and hoarse in her voice. Her tail tucked between her legs. I picked her up and soothed her coat, telling her all was alright. It was not long before she found the water bowl and nearly drained it. Thirsty she was! Gave her a bit of food and let her explore the home for a bit.

We knew we had choices. We could advertise for lost dog, but she had no collar and because she was timid we suspected she was sort of abused. We could also call the pound and have her taken, which we have had to do before, however, she came to us a day after we have spoken of beagles and bassets hounds the day before. We guessed God sent her to us, straight out of the cabbage patch, if you will!

After a bit and she relaxed her timidness, we let our other dogs in a few at a time, so they can meet their new sister. My alpha dog, Bear, is Pitt Bull and quickly wanted to lay claim to the new female! He slobbered like I have never seen him slobber before. Poor new pup was soaking wet after a bit, but I suppose Bear was agreeing she could stay.

After she ate some more we began the tedious task of deticking her coat. She only had a handful and none were swollen with blood, so that was a good indication she had not been out there too long, but long enough to be dehydrated from this horrible heatwave. The only fear of taking in a stray is not knowing what we are exposing our other dogs to. She has a few sores on her where it appeared she was kept on a rope or chain. However, God sent her to the right house. We work with herbs and can heal her to perfect health.

I really wish when people decide to adopt a dog, that they think very seriously of the responsibilities. Dumping animals into the wild is very unwise and irresponsible. Dogs especially, can not always fend for themselves like cats. It is far better to simply find another home with owners who love and care for their animals. This puppy would have been adopted in a heart beat! However, she has gone through some trauma, so a dog pound is not for her now.

Our task now is to accumulate more dog food and donations will be welcomed! God somehow will provide for us and our pets or He would not have placed her into our garden. We have named her Cabby because of where she was found. Maybe we will find a good owner for her and then again, maybe she will just simply become another pet for us to adore and take care of. There are many choices on what to do with a stray dog, but I suppose the best action is to give it love and attention and show some responsibility!


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    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      You are a true Christian, and your faith is amazing and your story devine, you didn't find her, she found you with God's help. I wish I was your neighbour and truly living in the country is a whole new world, the world, unfortunately, has gone sadly wrong we need more folk like you. Thank you B.