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What You Should Know About Bee Keeping in the City

Updated on July 15, 2010

Many people love to keep bees.They do it for fun or as a commercial activity.These individuals keep the beehives in their rooftops while others do so in the back yards of their abodes even in cities.Keeping bees in cities is made possible by the fact that bees are able to travel long distances to collect nectar and pollen.Accordingly, having a beehive close to flowering plants is not essential.If you decide to keep bees in the metropolis, it is crucial that you ensure the bees do not upset your neighbors.Bee stings are one thing the neighbors will definitely worry about.It is important that you keep the bees in a way that also allow your neighbors to feel comfortable and safe in their own backyard.

A high fence is one thing that each person who keeps bees on the metropolitan area needs.The fences serve several purposes.First, it makes the bees fly high over the heads of the neighbors.In most instances, the bees soar high in a straight line to their hive.Consequently, high barriers help raise the bees’ flight paths over the heads of the people.More over, it helps reduce the possibility of the bees crashing into individuals walking nearby.Hiding evidence that you are keeping bees in your backyard for sure is another vital purposes served by a high barrier.There are neighbors who may not want to hear that you are rearing bees in your backyard.No individuals will know what you may be doing in your backyards with high barriers in place.The barriers also aid in protecting the hives from burly winds.

It is during spring and summer that bees collect water.One thing you must understand concerning bees is they are very particular about locations where they get their water.They are especially fond of creeks and small ponds.However, in the city you can find them drinking from swimming pools, birdbaths and even dogs’ drinking bowls.If you do not provide your bees with water, they are likely to fly over into the neighbor’s house to look for the water.Ensure that you place the source of water for your bees some 20 feet away.The reason for this is that bees appear to adore drinking out of sources that are far from their hives.Before you start keeping bees, learning about your city’s legal restrictions is important.


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