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What You Should Know About Dog Training Collars

Updated on January 28, 2010

Dog training is a task that many people unfortunately overlook when they first get their new puppy.

Instead of taking the necessary time and energy to ensure that they instil the proper respect, obedience and calm in their puppy, many people play endlessly and are left with a dog that displays many erratic behaviors that you'd rather not deal with. For that reason as well as those dogs that just don't want to be trained there are various dog training collars that will add a little extra discipline to your training regiment and help you achieve the goals you're striving for.

The Varieties Of Dog Training Collars

Dog training collars come in all varieties and can be used for anything from the most basic obedience training to sport dog training and advanced agility training with a certified dog trainer. They act as an extra level of control for you over your pet and as a dog owner you can use them to teach commands such as sit, stay, and come.

Ensure when you purchase your dog training collar that it is the correct size and that there is a little room for growth. An ideal way to do this is to measure your dog's head size with a string or ruler and add a couple of inches for the neck. This is to make sure your dog is comfortable and safe in their training collar.

Electronic Dog Training Collars

One of the most commonly used and effective dog training collars is that electronic collar or shock collar. These devices were first introduced about three decades ago and generate small electrical shocks to help teach your dog to stop barking or to heel. There are other similar dog training collars that, by remote control, will emit a light or static shock to correct a dog in the middle of a bad behavior.

The dog will begin to associate the bad behavior you're trying to correct with the sting of the electric collar and hopefully stop doing whatever it is they're doing wrong. There are often numerous degrees of shock on these collars, all within safe limits, to correspond to the degree of the dog's negative action.

There are numerous other kinds of dog training collars on the market as well. All of them light and water proof, these collars are perfect for any number of activities ranging from plain buckled collars to different degrees of choke collars.

For larger dogs, choke collars are sometimes necessary and can come in anything from half choke to snap around choke collars. There are also full head collars designed to keep the dog's mouth closed and no-bark collars that respond to the bark of the dog automatically to stop them from barking.

The Debate Over Dog Training Collars

There is a bit of disagreement among pet owners and dog enthusiasts as to whether it is alright to use dog training collars. However, with the endorsement of veterinarians and many dog trainers, they still remain a top notch tool to ensure that your dog understands what is wrong and what is okay while you are training them.


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