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What a great Valetines Present.

Updated on August 18, 2016

Valentines Day is a day where your love for your spouse is often shown in the most romantic ways. Men normally give their wives expensive things like jewelry, vacations, massages, just to name a few. This year it was decided I wanted to do something a little more special or unique than what I normally do. Gone are the ideas of long romantic dinners at expensive restaurants, bracelet charms and the normal gifts. This year I decided on a different path. I decided that it was time to really shake up the unique bowl. I purchased my wife a puppy this Valentines Day. We lost our golden retriever a year ago and I decided it was time to replace her with a new puppy. I have a german shepard of my own but I thought my wife needed a dog as well. With that being said it was probally a very bad decision. The puppy I purchased her was a pyrodor. The pyrodor is a hybrid between a lab and a great Pyrenees. Most times when you purchase an animal you never think about asking for instruction manuals, This dog needed one badly. While she was off the wall cute and sweet, she is the devil in discuise. Hard headed, stubborn, eats anything that isn't metal, no wait a minute she at the metal fence. Its been 9 months since we got this dog and she is still a nightmare. She has eaten one of the dinning room chairs completely up. She has eaten a hole in our mattress and this was after she had eaten the matress pad. I love this dog to death and wouldn't give her up for anything but sometimes I wonder if I could pay someone to take her off my hands. She is gorgeous but very rambuncious. I'm just glad she hasn't decided to chew my legs off, , after all she did eat up my shoes and lock me in the house yesterday. So Gentlemen before you decide to buy your wife a dog for valentines day please heed my words, buy one that comes with an instruction manual or a stuffed one from build a bear Gentleman keep the gifts coming and keep then unique. If you buy your girl a puppy remember, she will more than likely eat your entire house.


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