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What a night!

Updated on April 10, 2009

What a night! Explosions everywhere!

Flying Debris and the sounds of BOOM BOOM BOOM fill the air! Well it was the 4th of July so all that would be expected, right? Yes. However I wasn't outside! I was inside and the BOOM BOOM BOOM heard here was me yelling at Boomer, my rampaging Saint Bernard!

Saints are known as the gentle giant in the dog world. But on the 4th they are like any other dog and the noise can really get to them. I live very close to my city's infamous Red White and Boom celebration. In addition all my neighbors were having a firecracker throw down contest judging from the popping and the bottle rockets whizzing through my yard. Enter one Saint Bernard freaked out and trying to decide which window to protect, by racing across the room and using the couch as a jump off point to go airborne,  a shaking little Chihuahua trying to fake it as a Saint, one frantic human trying to get the howling beasts calmed down and a bored fat cat looking at us like we lost our collective minds. I think maybe we were his evenings entertainment. You haven't lived until you've had your ears serenaded by a howling giant beast at the same time you are doing the side step boogie to avoid his dragon claws on your bare feet as he races from window to window to save the world or at least what he considers his part of it.

Throw in the shrill high pitch whine of a Chihuahua that is trying to keep up with the big dog, while she also engages in a game of chase her own tail and you pretty much have 4th of the July canine chaos. The only thing missing was the fireworks, well at least until

I sidestepped too far and introduced my forehead to the wall. I think every star on the flag jumped off long

enough to march past my eyes.

Finally the city sent up the finale, the neighbors ran out of bottles...of beer that is and ended the firecracker wars in a tie and my little patriotic fur babies all settled down for a nap. All except the cat, last I saw him he was out on the coffee table singing I'm a Yankee Doodle dandy.


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