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What can I do for my dog with arthritis?

Updated on February 7, 2013

Wisdom, acumen and thoughtful perception are signs of maturity but so are muscle aches, stiff joints and movement difficulties. Older people are more predisposed to arthritis. When the stiffness of the limbs announces a chilly and damp weather, when you can no longer sprint from the bed to the shower like you used to, when climbing stairs is accompanied by your groaning and the virtual creaking of knee joints then advanced age is definitely taking its toll. Arthritis is considered to be one of the oldest afflictions not only of humans but of animals as well. Did you that dinosaur suffer from the same aches and pains too? It’s not surprising then that dogs and cats would suffer from this extremely painful degenerative disease. Dogs can not verbalize that they are feeling. Fortunately canine arthritis has very similar symptoms to human arthritis. Your dog will feel the same pain and discomfort just like you do. Alleviating the dog’s aches and pains would then be easier.

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Early diagnosis

Early diagnosis and proper treatments would certainly be necessary to manage the disease. Once you noticed the symptoms of arthritis in your pet, take it to the vet at once for proper medication. OTC medications are readily available but as most medications would have side effects, it would be better if they are prescribed by a vet for the correct dosage.


Supplements with glucosamine and Omega 3 as the main ingredients are quite effective in promoting joint and cartilage health.

Surgery and acupuncture

Dog owners would usually take the surgery and acupuncture options when medications failed to lessen the pain and the discomfort of the dog.

The correct diet for the dog

Maintaining an ideal healthy weight is crucial for an arthritis sufferer. Dogs with arthritis tend to be overweight as pain discourages the dog from moving. An obese dog would put extra pressure on the joints therefore causing more pain.

Gentle but regular exercise

Don’t baby your dog no matter how much you are tempted to. Exercise will always be necessary to make the dog limber and to maintain mobility. However, strenuous exercises must be avoided. There will be no more hundred meter runs for the dog. You need to find another jogging companion. Leisurely walking around the block everyday would do.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is a holistic alternative to medications and surgical procedures. If you suffer from arthritis pains you have probably noticed that massaging the sore knee or the stiff ankle will ease the pain and the discomfort. The same massage techniques will alleviate the pain and would make your pet more comfortable. It is also an opportunity to bond and to show your dog that you care.

Arthritis in dogs

Dog Acupressure for Wrist Arthritis


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