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What can I give my dog for allergies?

Updated on February 7, 2013

When we see the dog scratching, licking and biting parts of its body, rubbing the face on the carpet or on the edges of furniture most of us would think that it is due to external parasite infestation. Fleas, after all can make the dog scratch vigorously. But don’t be too hasty in purchasing flea collars or any other medications that will eradicate the fleas especially if you see the dog sneezing and shaking its head. We seldom attribute the severe itching to an allergic reaction. Dogs, pretty much the same like humans, suffer from allergies too. This can be a difficult concern not only because the dog can not tell us what ails them but especially because it would be hard to pinpoint what causes the allergy.

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Allergies what, when and where

Dog allergies usually occur when the immune system of the pet is weakened due to insufficient food intake or low quality food that result to poor nutrition. Allergies can also be seasonal. Humans that are sensitive to allergens like pollen, ragweed and mold would dread the coming of spring. Dogs are more prone to catching these allergens from the environment because of their tendency to roam. The dog may suffer allergic reactions from dust mites and from its food. Allergic reactions may be due to flea infestation too. The list of allergy causes seems to be endless but it is very important to ascertain what causes the dog to itch so that treatment can be started as soon as possible. Allergies, when left untreated can result to stomach upset and intestinal problems. The dog may vomit and suffer from diarrhea.

Dealing with dog allergies

It would be ideal if you can identify the allergen as you simply need to eliminate it from the dog’s diet or environment. However, identifying the allergen can be a long trial and error process. It would be best to take the dog to the vet for proper medication. The vet may give the dog allergy shots and prescribe antihistamines. You can also alleviate the allergic symptoms by giving the dog a hypoallergenic diet. Notice if the symptoms are alleviated if you give the dog home cooked meals instead of commercial dry dog food. A lot of owners of dogs suffering from allergies have attested to the efficacy of adding oatmeal to the dog’s bathwater. This allergic remedy is said to reduce itching and soothe the skin. You may not be certain that the dog’s allergic reactions are from its environment but it would not hurt the dog if you wash the beddings, the blanket as well as the pet’s toys.

Home Remedies for Dog Allergies

How to Solve Dog Allergies


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