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What do Tarsiers Eat?

Updated on November 8, 2011


Tarsiers are one of the most strange and extraordinary animals that can be seen in the wild. They are usually associated with monkeys because of their physical features however if you look closely, there are differences. Tarsiers are popular animals because of their very small body and huge eyes. They are known to be the smallest primate in the whole wide world. They are said to be tree mammals. They are also known as Tarsius Syrichta. These creatures can be seen on the different parts of Southeast Asia specifically in the islands of Philippines, Indonesia, Sumatra and Borneo.

Tarsier’s Physical features:

A typical tarsier’s height is 3.5 - 6.25 inches. Its weight ranges from 70-165 grams. Their distinctive feature is their very big eyes. Their big eyes give them a very acute vision at night which is very helpful when they hunt at night. They aslo have a very harp hearing senses which can lead them to locate their prey. With just a little noise, they can turn their head so easily and amazingly up to 180 degree turn. They two feet and with two grooming claws. Its tail is naked but has a tuft of hair on its very end which helps them cling on trees they live in.

Tarsier’s Behavior:

This tiny little creatures are nocturnal. They usually hunt at nighttime and at day, they hide in the hollows. However when they are not in the wild and kept in captivity, they huddle with other tarsiers and intertwine their tails. They are said to naturally live in groups. They thrive best when they are not alone. The female tarsiers have distinctive role of caring and protecting their little ones. The male counterparts however have not be observed to care for the young's.

Tarsiers are said to arboreal. They usually live in tree trunks, roots and tree tops. Though some kept them as pets, they usually don’t survive because they are naturally fitted in the wild. They can live but only for a short while.

Tarsier’s typical diet:

Generally, both Philippine and Spectral tarsiers feed themselves with the different insects found in the wild. Among their favorite insects are dragon flies, termites, gnats, moths, mosquitoes, locusts and grasshoppers. On the other hand, the western kind of tarsiers though eat the insects mentioned earlier, they additionally eat bats, snakes, birds and lizards. In eating these larger prey, they usually carry these prey to trees first before eating them. What is very distinctive with these creatures in capturing their prey is that they use their excellent hearing in capturing their prey.

Like any other living creatures, tarsiers need and drink water on a regular basis. They got their water source from the different streams, lakes or any place where there is water accumulation like tree trunks or leave cavities.

In captivity, tarsiers can be fed with live shrimp or fishes. They can also be fed with the different insects mentioned earlier. Different kinds of fruits may also be given to them however they have not been seen eating fruits in the wild.

Philippine Tarsier, smallest primate in the world!


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      cute and funny

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      This website is very useful thank you so so so so so so much


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