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What He Taught Me

Updated on March 2, 2016

Love of a loyal friend

The day I saw him I new I was in love. He had gold long hair on the top and white underneath. He was magnificent. I was immediately attracted to his large brown eyes and the peculiar way that he would flop one ear up and the other down. I watched this dog walk around the kennel and stride towards me. Instead of going to my mother or father he came directly in my direction.My heart lunged when this beautiful golden retriever came to me. I had always wanted an animal and now my dream was almost coming true. The one fear I had of that animal not liking me quickly diminished. As Laddie, the name we gave him, approached me he sat and extended his paw. After that seal of friendship we took him home. The ride home was amazing. I sat as close to the back seat as possible. Since we did not have a kennel for him he had to ride in the very back where the luggage goes. When I thought nobody was watching I would lean over and feed him bits and pieces of my ham sandwich. Also, I leaned over and would whisper secrets of our future life. He would always look at me or lick my hands as if he understood after I asked him a question or made a simple statement. I learned so many things from Laddie that others ignored, like forgiveness.One day I came home from church in these ridiculous high heels. I was so very excited to come home from sitting in these hard pews and listening to an hour sermon that seemed to have lasted days. In my hurry I totally forgot that my precious puppy was lying in his regular spot by the door as our greeter. I flew past him straight towards my room but collided into my brother when I screeched to a halt and listened to the horrible yelp. In my hurry I had almost crushed Laddie’s paw. The look in those amazing brown eyes broke my heart. He had so much pain in that one look that I had ever seen in years. I felt terrible. I went towards him apologizing and hoping that he would not nip me or run and hide. To my great surprise he limped in my direction, licked my face and literally gave me a smile. In his eyes he was telling me that it was ok and gave me all the forgiveness in the world. His eyes showed that what had happened was an accident and that he loved and forgave me.In today’s world humans do not respond the way dogs do. If someone had done that to me I would have been upset but it would have taken me more then a minute to reach out to them. From Laddie I saw how forgiveness should work in human society. The extended paw in the beginning confirmed a friendship that has lasted us for several years.


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