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What is the Deadliest Bird in the World?

Updated on August 27, 2012

Deadly Birds

When you think of deadly birds you think of hawks, eagles, owls and maybe swans.

It may surprise you that they aren't the deadliest bird in the world. This bird has killed humans.

Why not hawks and eagles?

You'd think they would be because of their razor sharp talons and hooked beaks. They are carnivores and kill rabbits, snakes, fish and other prey. If they wanted to they could take down a human with ease.

They don't.

Owls don't attack humans, preferring mice and rats. They have frightened mankind with their mysterious cries in the night for thousands of years, however.

Yet we aren't talking about birds causing nightmares in the darkness.

Encyclopedia of Birds

                      Encyclopedia of Birds, Second Edition (Natural World)


Swans are known for their grace and beauty, but swans are aggressive when guarding their nests. Males have been known to attack boaters that come too close to their mate who is setting on their nest.

But they're not the deadliest, either. Most imposing, perhaps, deadliest, no.


Australia is the home of the famous kangaroo and the cuddly koala. It houses the deadliest snakes and spiders on the planet. It is also the home of the deadliest bird on the planet.

The Guinness Book of World Records has named the Cassowary the most dangerous bird on the Earth.

The double wattled, blue-headed Cassowary has a spongey helmet-like ridge on their heads. They use this to push away vegetation of the rain forest as they walk through. The shimmering black feathers protect it from the undergrowth. It has powerful legs with five sharp claws.

It looks like a large prehistoric turkey, with a temper of a wolverine, the speed of a raptor and a haunting voice of a dinosaur. The females stand six feet tall and the males are a foot shorter.

The Cassowary, a strange, chicken-like aggressive bird that lives in Australia.
The Cassowary, a strange, chicken-like aggressive bird that lives in Australia.

The Cassowary

The female is the one who courts the male and mates with him, then wanders off to mate with another male. It's the male that lays on the eggs and takes care of the chicks when they are growing up. He will defend them from anything.

The father, when he precieves a threat to his chicks, races up to the danger and lashes out with his claws. Their powerful blows can kill a unwary person. They have killed people that have been near their chicks.

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