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What is the best ferret food

Updated on July 16, 2014

Ingredients are important

First off, lets take a look at what the ingredients should contain, In any ferret food you buy, the first five ingredients are the most important. Meat is the most important ingredient in any ferret food you decide to buy, since ferrets are obligate carnivores, meaning they only eat meat. Things to look for include, Chicken, Lamb, Poultry, Fish, Animal, Turkey, any ingredients with these names in them are ideal. Also, look for a high protein content, 30% or more, a high fat content, 20%-40%, and a low fiber content, less than 5%

Not all food is the same

Remember, not all ferret foods are created equal. And not all foods, if any, will have the optimal ingredients. For this reason, you should choose a food that your ferret will eat. What works for one ferret may not work for another, they will let you know which food they like. Below is a list of dry foods that I recommend, based on researching lots of different foods, and after reading many reviews.

Totally Ferret Active
Totally Ferret Active | Source

Totally Ferret food

Over the years, I have tried many different ferret foods. This is the one that my ferrets choose over all the others. It has the best combination of ingredients. Totally Ferret comes in a few different varieties, but if you have younger ferrets, like I do, I recommend Totally Ferret Active.

EVO ferret
EVO ferret | Source

Best foods

These next three ferret food recommendations are a bit on the pricey side, compared to Totally Ferret, but you know how the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. In this case, a healthier, happier ferret, and we all want that.

Zupreem Premium Ferret Diet

Zupreem 230058 Premium Ferret Pet Food, 8-Pound
Zupreem 230058 Premium Ferret Pet Food, 8-Pound

Another food I recommend is Zupreem. It also has a good combination of ingredients.



WYSONG PET NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS 858232 Ferret Archetypal-2 Food for Pets, 3-Pound
WYSONG PET NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS 858232 Ferret Archetypal-2 Food for Pets, 3-Pound

This and Zupreem are probably among the best foods to choose from, although both can be a bit pricey.


Do not feed

Marshall may be the big name in anything ferret, and they do have some good products out there. However, when it comes to food, they do not know what ferrets want. As a big corporation, all they want to do is to save a buck, by mixing in fillers, thus cutting down on the nutritional value of the food. So do not feed your ferret Marshall, and if you do, take him or her off Marshall. I promise you will see immediate results if you feed them one of the above foods.

What do you feed your ferret

See results

What do you feed your ferret

If you are reading this article, that likely means you are feeding your ferret some store recommended brand, simply so they could boost sales. Hopefully I have convinced you to switch brands. But let's see who feeds their ferret what

Baby ferrets

Baby ferrets are not able to chew solid food like adult ferrets. If you have a baby ferret, then you should water down their food to mush, kinda similar to human baby food. A few bags of food out there that you can buy may have directions for doing just that, but to save you the trouble of looking for it, I can simply tell you right here. Also, each bag may have a slightly different way of preparing food for a baby ferret, but simply put, you want to mix 2 parts warm water with 1 part food, let it sit about 15 minutes, give it a quick stir, then serve, and watch your baby ferret eat. (No need to actually watch your ferret eat). Ideally you will repeat this process in the mornings and evenings, as the food will dry out and become inedible for your ferret. Some companies make special food for older ferrets, however, I would suggest, if your ferret is used to one particular brand, just water it down like baby food. This is better than the alternative of trying to introduce a new food so late.

Stick with one brand

Ferrets can be very choosy about the food they eat, as I stated earlier. So once you choose the brand they like, stick with it. It'd be tough to introduce a new brand after they have found what they like. I have found that it is best to mix that brand with one or two other brands, simply for the purpose that one company may stop making a particular brand. Then, again, you'd have to slowly introduce them to a new brand. So, better safe than sorry, right?

Thank You

Thank you for reading my article. Hopefully I helped in your decision on your next ferret food shopping trip. Remember, look for meat in the first five ingredients, no fruits or vegetables, high protein, high fat, low fiber. A healthy ferret is a happy ferret.


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    • profile image


      23 months ago

      Dear author. i can't decide between getting a bunny or a ferret. BeBecause I've had a bunny before but I've never had a ferret but my mom has & i juswant to do what's best for the animals & i don't know what to do becaus my mom says if you worry about being a good pet owner owner it means your a good pet owner. But i still don't know what to do i really love the idea of owning a ferret but that might not be best for the ferret. PLease help me i don't know what to do.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks for the post! I've had my ferret 3 years and was re-assessing whether this is a still a good food for him after seeing a few scary reviews on Amazon. My guess is that ferrets' digestion are different - like humans. My ferret does well on Zupreem-no corn, so I guess I'll keep giving it to him.

    • Joe E Barnes profile imageAUTHOR

      Joseph Barnes 

      4 years ago from Centennial, Colorado

      Good question, Angie. Ferrets adjust their schedule to your schedule over time, and ferrets sleep at least 18 hours a day. I have an albino, too, the light doesn't bother them, just keep them out of direct sunlight. Any other questions, feel free to leave another comment, or send me an email,

    • profile image

      angie plaskett 

      4 years ago

      I love my new farrett but she sleeps all day and wants to play at three in morning how do i change her sleeping habit she is albino maybe light hurts her eyes i don't know help


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