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What is the best cage for a ferret

Updated on July 16, 2014

Choosing a cage

Finding the right cage for your ferret can be a daunting task, what with all the choices out there. It can be tougher still without some guidance and a bit of helpful advice from a seasoned ferret owner. Ferrets are naturally curious animals, so while it may seem harsh or cruel to cage these beautiful animals, it is a necessity for when they are unsupervised. After all, you don't want to come home to shit all over you house, meanwhile, you found that Bandit has chewed all your electrical wires. He might be okay this time, but how can you prevent this from happening again? Get a cage. Your ferret will need a few hours a day of play outside of their cage however. So where do I start you might ask, luckily I will tell you in the next part.

Super Pet My First Home Deluxe

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Super Pet cages

A great place to start out for any new ferret owner is Super Pet. These cages are very ferret friendly, with nice, spacious, shelf's, plastic ramps, and gnaw proof wires with a soft plastic coating, in case any nosy ferret gets an idea. And believe me, they will. When I first bought home my ferrets and put them in this cage, all they wanted to do was get out, and they kept biting the bars. They eventually realized that this cage is their new home, but I am glad I got the Super Pet to start them out in. Super Pet's prices are also quite reasonable, especially for a new ferret owner, you don't want to get something that doesn't work out. You also should not home more than two ferrets in Super Pet cages, depending on the model, this can vary.

Ferret Nation Habitat Model 182 Double Unit

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Ferret Nation cages

This is a fantastic cage for multiple ferrets. Pictured at left is a double unit, which houses my four ferrets great, 3 males and 1 female. Or you can buy a single unit, each unit can house two ferrets comfortably. Easy open doors give you full access to the cage, and makes it ideal for cleaning. Cleaning is also a snap with the removable plastic trays, which you also buy separately, for back ups, or as a replacement. You can place the shelf's at three different heights within each unit, they even have loops underneath, ideal for hanging beds or hammocks. The box comes with three ramps, for easy access to shelf's and the second unit, there are also 3 fleece ramp covers, for comfort, and to make sure your ferrets feet do not get caught between the bars on the ramp. A nice feature of this cage is the storage shelf, something that I wasn't too sure of at first, because of a ferrets inquisitive nature, however, I quickly came to love the convenience of the storage shelf, and my ferrets generally leave it alone.You can buy an exterior ramp, sold separately, and also comes with a ramp cover, which I would recommend, allowing your ferret to come and go as he or she wishes. Best part is the door can even be closed with the ramp still attached, so there is no need for removing it and putting it back on when you let your ferrets out. One of the great things about Ferret Nation, is everything, or all accessories, are replaceable, the ramps, the ramp covers, the shelf trays, shelf covers, and the bottom pans

Ferret Nation accessories

Here are a few accessories for the ferret nation. Each of which I use with my ferrets and would highly recommend.

Ferret Nation review

Ferret Nation review

Many ferret owners out there will tell you, hands down, this is the single best ferret cage on the market. Here is a great review video to support that. Next is a short take on some other cages.

Other cages

The Prevue Hendryx Feisty ferret cage is one that is similar to the ferret nation, with a few exceptions. It is a little smaller, without the expansive capabilities. It has solid ramps as opposed to bar ramps, even though the ferret nation comes with ramp covers, but it does not have trays on pan for easy cleaning. Another cage is the ferret mansion. In spite of some good reviews you may read on this cage, I am telling you that this is not as good as the ferret nation, sure it is spacious, and on casters, like the ferret nation. However, many ferret owners have reports of injuries. The ramps are too steep and there are no ramp covers, so once again your ferret is walking on bars, which is where the injuries come into play.

Litter boxes

I won't bore you here on litter training your ferret, which is really not that tough. Just suffice to say you will need a litter box or two. And not those crappy corner litter boxes some stores or whatever might suggest, just because ferrets like corners. Get those big, high back, litter boxes. Because ferrets will back up to go, and you do not want them making a mess all over a brand new cage, do you? I have two litter boxes in my ferret nation double unit, just lessens the chance they may make a mess in another place. The litter box I recommend is the Marshall lock-on litter pan, because they do have a tendency to want to move the box all over the place, which would increase the likely hood of a spill.


Finally, we don't want to forget the beds. Ferrets love sleep, in fact, they sleep up to 20 hours a day. Now a ferrets first choice for a bed is a hammock. I have about 4 hammocks right now in their home, and all are different, and they use them all. First is your basic hammock, second has a pocket in it, they love the pocket, third is a shoe, not a real shoe, just a shoe shaped bed, and the forth one is a hanging bed. Obviously you see that ferrets love hanging. Another one of their favorite beds is a cuddle-e cup. Ferrets love to cuddle, and I always find three, sometimes all four of them, cuddled up in a little ferret pile. Finally is a sleep sack. I find them all cuddled in this bed just as much as the others. So having a variety of beds is great, chances are they will use them all. Some beds, that are not hammocks, even have clips on them, which is great, because remember, ferrets love to move things around.

Feeders & waterers

No ferret home would be complete without feeders and waterers. It is a good idea to get a lock crock, because again, ferrets love to be mischievous and push things all over the place.You don't want your little ferret spreading food all over his or her home, do you? Even water for that matter, which by the way, you have to clean up. I have two lock crocks for my ferrets, I have found that they love drinking from a bowl. And ferrets drink a lot of water, in part to help them digest their food. So whether you have a water bottle or a bowl, make sure they have fresh water every day. I like to keep a water bottle as an alternate source of water, also because I have four ferrets, and they do drink out of it.


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    • merej99 profile image

      Meredith Loughran 4 years ago from Florida

      Ferret Nation is my top choice by far! The doors come off for easy cleaning, the levels can be adjusted and there is so much room for them to play, stretch, eat and poo. If you buy the two-level set up it's very easy to block them in one area while cleaning the other. This comes with my highest recommendation (and I'm the crazy ferret lady. LOL)