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What to Do If Your Dog Bites Someone

Updated on December 25, 2012

Dog bites are very tough situations especially if it's your own dog that is involved in the drama. It can make situations worse for you if the incident turns nasty. So, before you are encountered with such a situation, gear yourself for a flurry of defenses that would help you to keep things calm and settled.

Don't panic

The first and foremost thing to do is stay calm and diffuse the situation. Sometimes, when your dog is in a bite spree, it will start attacking you, the owner, so don't be hasty and judge the situation and act accordingly. Try diverting the attention of your dog by blowing a whistle or a horn, so that you can avert the ugliness of the whole episode to some extent.

Help the victim

Now that your dog has done the damage, don't try to flee away from the incident rather try and calm down the victim and help him/her get medical attention. Call the emergency number incase the wounds are severe and get help from the ambulance. Meanwhile, also reassure the victim of the dog's records and its license which needs to be produced in case a police report is filed.

Seek advice from your insurance provider

Once the victim gets the necessary medical attention, call your insurance provider and seek advice regarding your current situation. They might offer to take up the medical bills of the victim rather than costing them huge money on you being sued. So, make sure the victim is aware of your willingness to take up the medical costs. Apart from treating the victim, this also helps in reassuring the victim about your responsibilities in this whole incident. If you haven't got insurance yet, call your insurance provider right away.

Talk to your vet

Update your veterinarian regarding the latest episode and get assistance from him in handling the situation. Also, fix an appointment with the doctor to examine the physical condition of the dog after the bite. A veterinary behaviorist might also be of great help in helping you gauge the situation.

Reach for your lawyer

With the strict dog bite laws in practice, it is always the best to seek legal advice from your lawyer before proceeding with the issue. Before you are being contacted by the police or animal control board, talk to the lawyer of the possible implications regarding the dog bite. Get proper counseling on the legal procedures which would follow thereafter.

Give appropriate information

With the case of the dog bite going up to the police, be ready to answer the questions put forth by the administrators. Hand over proper documents on the dog's license, its vaccination details, previous history of good behavior and other credentials that would help your cause. Since, dog bite laws are stringent, providing appropriate information may save you from a lot of hassle later on.

With so many legal procedures on your way, the best way to avert the whole incident is keep a close watch at your dog always. Also be keen on noticing the behavioral changes and seek medical advice from your veterinarian then and there. And in some cases you will heave to seek legal advice from a personal injury specialist like David Marocchi of Paramount Lawyers.


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