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What to do if the dog is sick

Updated on March 10, 2012

When the dog is feeling poorly, haven’t you ever wished that the pet can talk so that we would know what ails the poor thing? A prospective dog owner would always want to choose a healthy puppy. The breeder may give guarantees on the puppies being sold but no amount can shield a child from grief if the rather unhealthy puppy dies.

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Symptoms of a sick dog

Is the dog really sick or is it just having a bad hair day? Sick people are often joked as ‘sick as a dog”. This is due to the fact that the dog may not be feeling too well but it would still be energetic, inquisitive and would meet the owner at the gate with an exuberantly wagging tail. Dogs often hide their sickness. Dog experts tell us that this was rooted from behaviors of primitive dogs. Dogs in the wild dare not show they are sick lest predators would know and take advantage of their weakness. A dog would only look like a “sick dog” if it is very sick. The pet would turn away from food and water and may even refuse to move.

The vet would be the best bet

Minor illnesses can be treated at home. Thorns and splinters on the feet of the dog can be removed and treated with antiseptic. A vomiting dog may not even need treatment if the dog is merely purging toxic substances from its system. An owner would know if the dog is really very sick. To save the life of the pet, a vet visit is imperative.


Sick dogs just like sick humans would need medication. The difference though is that dogs may not be very cooperative. Why is momma making me eat this foul tasting thing? The dog must have its medication at all cost. You need to trick the dog with treats or pill pockets to ensure that the pill or the liquid medication is taken.

Food for the sick

Sick dogs often turn away from food and may even refuse to drink water. The whiff of the special food may fail to capture the interest of the dog. The pet would need pampering from you. Spoon feeding the pet may do the trick of putting food on its stomach.

Comforting the pet

Sick people would want the care of their beloved family. Dogs too would appreciate some tender loving care from its favorite people. Talking soothingly to the pet and making the pet aware that you are there, holding the dog’s hand if it is too big to cuddle would be enough to let the dog know that it is loved.


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