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What to do if you get bit by a dog?

Updated on June 29, 2011

Dogs are lovable creatures. These animals are the most popular choice for a pet because of its loyal, protective and affectionate temperament. These irresistible animals would make wonderful additions to the family. A dog lover would wonder why some people would hate dogs. Other people are frightened of these animals. Why? This can be due to the misconception that dogs are vicious animals. We are aware of the serious injuries caused by dogs. Yes. These gentle animals that form a strong bond with its family, animals that form a legendary attachment with the children can maul, seriously injure and even kill not only other people but the members of its family as well. You may not have a dog…you may just be standing outside your gate when suddenly a dog lunge and bit you. Dog bite treatment know-how would certainly be helpful in circumstances such as this.

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Secure the dog

Move away from the dog. If the owner is around tell him/her to secure the pet. No matter how much you would want to attend to your wound, you have to be sure that the dog will be prevented from attacking you again.

A dog’s bite

Don’t panic. You need to asses the situation. A serious dog attack would certainly need different management from a minor one that has barely broken the skin. Dog’s have very powerful jaws. Even a small breed can deliver tremendous pressure. A dog that is playing and has inadvertently bitten the owner may cause minor bite wounds. Vicious dogs that purposely attack can cause serious bite injuries.

Minor bite wounds

Minor wounds would bleed slightly. Slight pressure applied on the wound would stop the bleeding. Carefully clean the wound with soap and water making sure that the inside of the wound is thoroughly cleaned. Apply antibiotic ointment and cover with sterile dry dressing.

Serious bite wounds

Serious bite wounds are expected to bleed profusely. It would be a good idea to call 911 ASAP. It is imperative to stop the bleeding. Putting pressure on the wound may stem the bleeding but if this method is ineffective a tourniquet may be used.

Seeking medical attention

Profusely bleeding deep puncture wounds would need medical attention. The physician may need to stitch the wound and administer antibiotics, tetanus and rabies shots. Medical attention is especially necessary if the wound is on the face to prevent unsightly scarring.

The rabies scare

Rabies contracted from dog bites is rare. In consonance with the legal requirements, dogs are regularly vaccinated. Stray dogs however, can be a rabies risk. Rabies is fatal. It is therefore necessary to seek medical attention.

How to Treat a Dog Bite

Dog Bite Prevention Video


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