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What to do if you hit a dog with your car?

Updated on December 29, 2009

Dog lover or not you would not want to hit a dog with your car. However, accidents happen. One moment you are driving and humming softly in tune with the song being played in the car radio when suddenly a dog runs across the road. The dog was hit by the car. What would you do in a situation such as this? Would you drive off or would you do the responsible thing…stop and save the dog’s life?

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Dogs are well loved creatures. They are considered to be members of the family. Needless to say, the dog owners would deeply feel the loss if the dog dies. You may not be a dog lover and you may not care for the dog but at least think of how the owners would feel if the dog will be left dying on the roadside. In any case, it is highly probable that you will be taken to court as leaving the dog to die constitutes cruelty to animals.

The best thing to do is to stop, pull over and see the condition of the dog. You need to call 911 and notify the authorities. Urgent medical attention may be necessary to save the life of the dog. Dogs hit by a car may not show superficial injuries but it is highly probable that the dog has sustained internal injuries thus it would need to be attended to ASAP. Move the dog to the side of the road but be very careful. The dog is in shock and it may bite. If you can, it would be best to muzzle the dog. Cover the dog with a blanket or with a jacket to keep it warm while waiting for the animal control authorities. If the dog is small and you can carry it yourself, it would be better to take the dog to a veterinary facility at once.

The next thing to do is to find out if the dog is wearing an identification tag. This is necessary so that you can notify the owners. You will have to pay for the medical bills whether the dog dies or survives. The accident may not be your fault as the dog owners should have kept their pet safe by not allowing the dog to roam however, you will still be held accountable…you still have to assume the responsibility of paying for the treatment of the dog.

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