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What to do if you lose your dog or if it has run away?

Updated on July 7, 2009

A dog that runs away would be a big blow on the pride of a doting owner. The dog was provided with a good home, regular servings of premium quality foods, bonding moments with the family and yet the dog has still decided to run away. No one would want to be deserted by the pet; no one would want to lose a dog. However, consider the fact that a well cared for dog, one that is happy with the family will not run away. It is possible that the dog was struck by love at first sight when it was mesmerized by the whiff of the scent of a bitch in heat. The dog followed the car and got lost. Or the dog may have been enticed to follow a wily squirrel into the woods and got lost.

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A pet that is lost is one of the concerns of dog owners. Some breeds of dogs can be great escape artists. The dog can scale a six foot fence and can dig tunnels in a matter of minutes. Owners of these dogs ensure that the pet will not have the chance to run away. As a precaution for this eventuality, owners have the dog micro chipped or tattooed apart from securely attaching identification tags with the dog’s name and contact numbers of the owner on the collar of the dog. In spite of these measures, dogs still run away and get lost. You surely would not want the dog to get lost but since the fact can not be totally avoided it would be best to be prepared by taking pictures of the dog. The pictures will be a good help if the need to make posters of the lost dog arises. By posting fliers it is hoped that the lost pet will be found. Placing an ad on the local newspaper would be a good idea as it can cover a wider range.

Dogs are much loved pets. As they are considered to be members of the family, they are allowed to share the master’s beds, allowed to participate in family activities and almost always taken wherever the family goes. Losing a pet will be a traumatic experience for the family. Sadly, with all the efforts to locate a lost dog, statistics tell us that one out of three lost dogs is never reunited with their owners.

How Do I Train My Dog Not to Run Away

How Do I Train My Dog Not to Run Away?


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