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What to do if your dog has a fever?

Updated on July 8, 2009

You make sure that your dog is well cared for. You provide the pet with premium quality food. You make sure that it is provided with adequate and comfortable shelter. The dog is well groomed and sufficiently exercised. And most importantly, the pet is taken to the vet for it necessary shots. However, the dog would still get sick.

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A healthy dog

You can always tell if the dog is healthy through its appearance and behavior. The dog would be in good physical shape, would have a healthy looking coat and an alert and cheerful expression. The dog would manifest a lively and energetic behavior as well.

A sick dog

Dogs are energetic animals. It would be easy to spot if the dog is under the weather because it would be sluggish and lethargic. The dog would prefer to lie down instead of play, would even be indifferent to your petting. The pet may also turn away from its food.

The dog has a fever

One of the most common signs of sickness is fever. A fever is an indication of an inflammation or infection. Aside from running a temperature, a fevered dog’s hair would noticeably be lackluster, the naturally cold and wet nose would be humid and hot and the eyes would have a tired expression.

A dog’s temperature

A dog’s body temperature is higher than human’s temperature. The nose, the fur and the back of the ears may seem to be warmer but it would be best to use a rectal thermometer to ascertain if the dog has a fever. A dog’s normal temperature reading would range from 100.5° to 102.5°. A temperature reading of more than 103° should be a cause for concern.

Helping the fevered pet

A dog that is running a temperature would be listless and would appear to be lazy. Because most sick dogs would turn away from its food, it would be best to provide the dog with plenty of fresh water to keep the dog hydrated. Water bowls placed in different spots in the house would ensure that water will always be available for the pet. If the dog refused to drink, you can use a syringe (with the needle removed) to squirt water into the side of the dog’s mouth.  Please refrain from giving the dog human medications. Dogs react to human medications differently. It would be best to take the dog to the vet’s. Dogs are well loved pets. To be on the safe side, it would be better to consult the vet for the necessary management of the sick dog.

How to Identify a Sick Family Pet

Dog Fever Symptoms

How to Tell if Your Dog Is Sick


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