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What to do if your dog has a seizure?

Updated on May 9, 2011

Seizure signs

You thought your beloved dog is perfectly healthy. The dog has a hale and hearty appearance. The pet behaves like any other active and frisky dog. It was really surprising when the dog suddenly keel over, pitifully whines and chomps the teeth while saliva pours from the mouth. The dog’s legs are making a brisk pedaling motion. On closer inspection you saw that the pet’s large dilated eyes are unresponsive. Apparently, the dog has lost urination control as the dog’s urine is seeping through the carpet. The dog is having a seizure!

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Causes of seizures in dogs

The most common cause of dog seizure is epilepsy. The Cocker Spaniel, Poodle, Germans Shepherd Dog, Siberian Husky, Keeshond, are only some of the breeds noted to suffer from hereditary epilepsy. Seizures can be due to a medical concern such as kidney and liver diseases, low blood sugar and tumors. Allergic reactions to some food, preservatives and artificial flavoring can result to seizures.  A dog that has ingested a poisonous substance can have a seizure as well.

Stay calm

Seizures can be an indication of a severe medical concern but seizure in itself is not fatal. The best thing you can do to help the dog is to keep calm. A dog that is having a seizure will surely be a frightening sight most especially if it the first time you have seen the pet having an attack.

Helping the pet

The dog would need you more when it is seizing. You need to make sure that the dog will not be injured. Carefully move the dog away from stairs and from any object that can injure the pet. Remember, a seizing dog will not be its normal self thus it can not recognize you. The dog may be whimpering and acts as if it is in tremendous pain but be careful in handling the dog. You can talk calmly to the dog but it would not be wise to place your hand near the dog’s mouth. Oftentimes owners trying to help the seizing pet get bitten. Once a seizing dog has latched its teeth on your hand it would clamp its jaws. It would be very hard to make the dog let go. What you need to do is to make the dog comfortable. Turn down any loud music that can agitate the dog further. It would be a good idea to dim the lights in the room where the dog is lying down.

The vet knows best

After the seizure, take the dog to the vet for the necessary treatment.

What to Do If Your Dog Has A Seizure

Dog Seizure

Dog Seizure


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    • profile image

      Leah 6 years ago

      I have a peke a poo and he has had epilepsy for about 3 years. He takes pills and only has them sometimes, we bet thru them together and he always seems fine. I always feel bad for him though, afterwards he is extremely tired so in just let him sleep but is there something I can do for him post seizing? Everything I have read just says what to do during, I would like to know if I can give him something or do something afterwards.

    • SallyTX profile image

      Sally Branche 6 years ago from Only In Texas!

      This is very useful information with interesting links and videos. Linked, voted up, and useful! :)

    • happygiggle profile image

      happygiggle 8 years ago from A long way from home

      Thanks for the info. My dog has recently had a few small seizures and the first time it happened we were both shocked.