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What to do if your dog is injured or killed

Updated on July 9, 2009

Did you know that it is possible for you to receive reimbursement for the veterinary bills, compensations for the mental stress if your pet dog was injured due to the negligence of other people? Nothing can ever take away the anguish a pet owner would suffer from if the pet is killed. It would even be harder if the pet that passed away was abused or intentionally killed. 

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When are compensations obtained?

Compensation can be obtained by a dog owner if the injury or the death of the pet was verified to be caused by the negligence of another person. Punitive damages can be awarded to the dog owner if the dog was maliciously or intentionally injured or killed. Not all people love dogs. People who have had traumatic encounters with theses animals can be especially cruel. Malicious and harmful acts can severely injure and even kill the dog. Dog owners would usually leave the pet to another person to be walked or to be groomed. The owner can sue for damages if the dog was injured while in the care of that person. Veterinary malpractice is another ground for pressing charges to seek compensation for the injuries sustained or for the death of the pet.

Legal procedures

If the dog was maliciously abused or intentionally killed you can file criminal charges to put the responsible person in jail. For the purpose of seeking monetary compensation a civil lawsuit may be filed. This necessitates the representation of an attorney. As legal fees can be an additional burden, owners of injured or killed dogs can file a lawsuit in the small claims court where a lawyer’s representation would not be necessary.

Recoverable damages

Different states have different laws concerning this concern but basically the owner of the killed pet would be entitled to receive the market value of the dog or an equivalent amount to purchase a replacement dog. The emotional anguish suffered by the dog owner for the loss of the pet can never be paid. Courts though award compensation for the emotional distress suffered by the pet owner. Additionally, the dog owner would be reimbursed for all the veterinary bills incurred by the pet.

What must be done if the dog is injured or killed?

A dog injured buy another dog must be taken to a vet ASAP but it would be necessary to get the identity of the owner of the other dog. This will be necessary if you decide to press charges. Notify the authorities to conduct investigations if the dog was intentionally abused or killed.

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    • profile image

      5 years ago

      How much is a chihuahua worth with no papers that got killed?

    • profile image

      chris smith 6 years ago

      I work off shore on the Mississippi river and have to leave my dog at home. The last day I was home I let him out side and he didn't come back...nothin new I live way out in the sticks and only have one neighbor in a 4 mile radius so I figured he would come home like always and they could chain him up then so I left for work witch is an 8 and a half hour drive from Eminence,MO Gretna,LA.I get a text message a couple of days later from one of my used to be friends that said my dog was at her house all the way in town, bout ten miles from my house, so I told her to take him home and chain him up...did she listen? NO!!! No she didn't. So yesterday I called my dad and we were talkin and he just git real quiet and then asked if I had talked to anyone from home and I sad no. He proceeded to tell me that my friend rooster was goin home after closing his bar and grill, he lives just down the road from where my dog was stayin, as he was drivin by my dog ran out in front of his truck and he ran him over. My dog was so badly mangled that rooster had no choice but to put him down right there. Is there anyway I can sue the woman that didn't take my dog home and chain him up or chain him up at her house?

    • profile image

      debbie 7 years ago

      My motehrs small 6 lb terrior was killed and chewed up badly Friday.She was on her short leash peeing in the yard when the neighbors friends dog came over and killed my mothers dog. My mom is 86 and seen the whole thing. Screaming and yelling and was in shock! She had the dog for 10 years and was very close to her baby. The guy said he was sorry. I went over my moms right away and called the cops.The cop came over and then called animal control. They took the bull dog to the shelter. The guy gave it up(supposely) and there was paper work on that. I seen the paper work and it said,... dog was attacked,person gave up dog.,that was it! She did not even ask what kind of dog it was,my mothers address or anything. All she knew there was a dog killed. We did not realize this till it was all over that these questions were not ask. He said he would make it right for my mom and buy her another dog,so we will see.The thing of it is the cop made no report that I seen or know of, just the humane society. She said if we wanted a copy that they charge for it and we could go down and pick it up. Why didnt the cop give us anything? Should I go down the police station and ask???? Is the humane society report good enough if we have to take this guy to court?

    • profile image

      jackie 7 years ago

      i have a chihuahua and it was brutaly killed by a pitbul. the next door neighbors let it in their front yard with no leash and in came onto my property and got a hold of my dog and would not let go. i do not know what to do.

    • profile image

      sharon hagerty 7 years ago

      i want to know what to do about someone who put dicon in my dog's dryfood. it was a dobie that got bloat, then sufferred heart trouble and had to be put to sleep. then, another german shepherd was kicked in my yard by neighbors, and sufferred paralysis, and had to be put to sleep. what kind of case is this? the first one cost about 5k to treat, and the second about 2k. first dog was from humane society, and they did not catch heart trouble, second dog was a foster care dog.