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What to do if your dog is pregnant

Updated on March 11, 2012

The dog is pregnant! Cute fur balls are growing inside the pooch’s womb. In about two months, you will witness the miracle of birth. You may have intentionally bred your dog or the dog may have managed to open the backdoor one night and had a date with the neighbor’s dog. In either case the pregnant dog would go through a number of changes because of the life growing inside her. You need to ensure that the soon to be mama dog is in tip top form. Pregnant dogs crave attention. Many dog owners notice that the dog becomes more affectionate during the gestation period. Pregnant dogs love being cuddled, petted and pampered.

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Regular visits to the vet

Vet consults can be rather heavy on the pocket but these are necessary if you are to make sure that everything is A-okay with the dog. An ultrasound may not be very necessary but it is advisable so as to know the number of puppies “cooking” inside the dog’s womb.

Nutritional needs

Unlike humans, pregnant dogs don’t have unnatural cravings for food. On the first 30 days of pregnancy the dog will consume the same amount of food. Dogs have morning sickness too. This usually happens on the 3rd and 4th week of pregnancy. The dog shuns food during this period. This is no cause for concern. Be sure though that fresh water is always provided. It would be a good idea to change the diet to a premium quality food suitable for pregnant dogs. The diet should be high on vitamins and minerals.


Pregnant dogs would still need their daily exercises but this time strenuous activities must be avoided. Daily walks would ensure that the dog is in shape for her impending delivery. Pregnant dogs tend to eat more. Regular exercise would prevent the dog from being overweight.

Preparing the whelping box

The whelping box can be the dog’s regular wire crate. It can also be a constructed wooden box but it must be roomy enough to accommodate the mama dog and her puppies. Line the box with old newspapers and old rugs, sheets or towels. A drop cloth hanged from the ceiling would keep the dog’s “delivery room” (and nursery later on) warm. This arrangement will also give the dog a sense of security.

Preparing the dog

A dog would look for a safe and warm place. Often times the chosen spots are those that are only accessible to the dog. Block this spots and place the whelping box in a spot where you can easily monitor the dog if ever problem arises while the dog is delivering the puppies.

Signs of Pregnancy

Delivering Puppies

What Should I Feed My Pregnant Dog?


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