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What to do if your puppy has parvo..

Updated on February 16, 2013

PRO BIOTIC saved my dogs LIFE...

Porsha is still Alive today from me giving her PRO BIOTIC
Porsha is still Alive today from me giving her PRO BIOTIC | Source

Pro Biotic SAVES animals lives

This news should be SHOUTED out loud to everyone that has pets, and get parvo, you don't

have to loose your pets to PARVO, any more.. Please READ this if you love ANIMALS

Use this for pets and people too,..Its the perfect thing to help kill a stomach ache, flu, and any thing that is bringing you down,..

If you have any questions, please email me i will get back to you or leave me a comment i do respond.

Thank you for spreading the word,..

Does your PET have PARVO ?

The day i brought my daughters new puppy home i noticed she wasn't running and playing like normal puppies, and she was sleeping way to much. As she was getting around the next few days, i keep an eye on her stools, and after a couple of days i started to notice blood in her stool and it was not looking good to me, Knowing what i do about colons and how a virus or parasite, can be, i knew she was in trouble, so i call the vet, again to give him the stats on her,

Right away he told me that she has parvo and that from the sounds of it she was really not doing good at all, So that confirmed what i knew i had to do. If i can save lives in people i can save my daughters new puppy. So i went in the house and grabbed my PRO-BIOTIC and started in giving her regular PRO-BIOTIC that was 50 billion 3 times a day , By the end of the 1st day she acted so different, she started to play and bite, like puppies do so i keep her on the PRO-BIOTIC for 1 week to see how she would do, by the end of the week i called the vet back and told him what i do for a living and what i had done for my daughters puppy.

He was so happy to hear about the out come and that the puppy was alive and well and back on her feet, to this day PORSHA is the puppies name she is over 1 years of age and doing great, I have now heard from the vet several times and he is now selling PRO0BIOTIC at the office and curing puppies of Parvo or for that matter any gut issue can be cured with PRO-BIOTIC and also any human gut issue,..This story is very true and i still use it today with now my new puppy, when ever you have any issue with the runs, throwing up, not moving around much, and you know when you animal is not his self,

Please grab the PRO-BIOTIC and keep it on hand for humans and animals, it will keep you well and things moving like it should, and that goes for any illness, for older animals as well.

Now with horses, they are large animals and they would need at least 200 billion 3 to 4 times a day, and keep them on it even when you notice them feeling better, its a good idea to leave them on it a little while longer.

For people it is the same factor if you have had any digestive issue's please go out and by the 200 billion and take it every day for 7 days, it will help in so many ways put you back on track and keep your bowls moving, PRO-BIOTIC is the good flora, that will override the bad gut issue that is going on, always have it handy for your self and the animals around you.

Hope this helps a lot of people, stay healthy and have a blessed life.

Shayne CCT, CCT

Pro Biotic kills Parvo, help save a puppy

bently | Source

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      Lori Shayne Stedman 4 years ago from Rancho Cucamonga

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