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What to do when your dog chews?

Updated on May 1, 2012

The naughty chewing behavior

Puppies chew a lot. These little cuddly fur balls are very curious and investigate the surroundings with their mouth. Puppies develop the chewing habit when they are teething. They would chew anything they can get their mouth to. However, while some puppies outgrow this destructive chewing habit some don’t. To the exasperation of the owners mature dogs would destroy furniture, clothes, shoes and other objects with their chewing. This behavioral problem is attributed to boredom and separation anxiety. Dogs that are cooped inside the house all day with no toys and no one to play with would resort to destructive chewing to relieve the boredom. The same thing is true with dogs that are separated from their human family. Chewing is a dog thing. Bubba would chew inappropriate objects for no apparent reason. The dog simply loves to chew.

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Saving the dog’s life

Training the dog not to chew on inappropriate objects can save its life. Electrical cords, poisonous plants, furniture with toxic substances and small items that can cause intestinal obstruction if swallowed can cause the dog’s death

What to do to correct the habit

Teaching the dog what is safe to chew and what is not seems to be the most viable solution that will stop the dog’s chewing habit. However, this is easier said than done. Dogs are intelligent creatures. Most breeds posses the canine eagerness to please attitude. But these animals are also cunning and stubborn. Notice how well mannered they are when you are around. Once your back is turned they would dig holes in the garden, filch food from the table and chew inappropriate objects. In spite of all these annoying behavior, we love our dogs anyway.

Chewing toys may do the trick of weaning the dog away from the table leg or from the bed mattress. Just make sure that the toy can not be ingested easily as this would be another problem. Pay attention to the dog. Being destructive may be the pet’s way of attracting your attention. Training the dog would take some time. Moreover, you will need to constantly monitor the dog as the only time you can command the dog to stop is when it is chewing.  To ensure that the dog will not destroy your things, one idea is to confine the dog in a safe place if the pet is to be left unsupervised. A crate would be a good idea as long as the dog can not make its way out of the crate by chewing. Confinement though would have a drawback…the dog would be more restless and would have a greater tendency to chew.

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Should Dogs Chew on Bones?


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