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What treats should I give my ferret

Updated on February 19, 2014

Ferrets love treats

I have given and/or bought nearly every ferret treat out there, so I have a good idea about what works, or what they like, and what they do not. First, a few important things to remember about treats. They are a lot like food, in that they should be meat, high protein, high fat, low fiber. As with any treat, you do not want to give too much, or use it as a replacement for food.The best treat for any ferret would be raw meat, but lets assume here that you want to skip the mess in preparing your ferret a raw meat treat. Below you will find a few of my recommendations on what treats your ferret will love, or at least that mine love. And then I will talk about a few that they do not like.

Gimme, gimme, gimme
Gimme, gimme, gimme

All five flavors


First up on my treat recommendation list is Bandits, from Marshall. Now this particular brand comes in five main flavor varieties, chicken, bacon, raisin, banana, and peanut butter. Now because we have raisin and banana, do not think that means not to give them to our little four legged furry friends, in fact, all of those five flavors are perfectly healthy to give ferrets. Some are just a little better than others, as far as taste. No, I have not tasted these treats myself, instead my ferrets have told me what works for them. The best flavor, which may seem evident is bacon, coming in second is chicken, I rank raisin third, followed by peanut butter in forth, and trailing the pack, probably not surprisingly, is banana. Do not get me wrong, my ferrets will eat banana and peanut butter treats, with a preference for peanut butter, but they would rather have one of the top three. So I like to make sure I have plenty of bacon and chicken Bandits on hand.

However, not all treats are created equal. Bandits also has a chicken flavored tartar control treat, it is crunchy. The crunchy part is supposed to resemble their natural environment, such as the bones in mice. Sounds like it should be good for them, right? Well not in my case, I've tried giving these tartar control treats to my ferrets numerous times, I've even left them alone with these treats, in hopes they eat them. I have had no such luck, they will not even touch them. So if you are looking for a nice treat such as this, next I will tell you about an excellent treat.

N-Bone Chew

These are a great alternative to the bandits tartar control treats. My ferrets love these chew sticks, they even fight over who gets it, with a ferret on each end. Some owners choose to cut these sticks into more bite size pieces before giving their ferrets a delicious treat. Plus they are great for tartar control, as well as teeth and gum health

8 in 1 Health Supplements

Now the 8in1 brand has a few different varieties of treats, even the health supplements come in liquid, and paste varieties. Though here I would like to talk to you about the vitamin supplement treats, and skin & coat supplement treats.. The liquids or pastes are great for an older ferret who has trouble with solids, though I am talking about treats. The soft, chewy, morsels are a great treat, as well as a healthy supplement for any ferret. I feed these to my ferret every day, and they look positively healthy. Plus they love them, so I am happy to give my ferret a good for them treat. Remember to pick up some vitamin supplement treats and skin & coat supplement treats.

Ferrets enjoy FerretVite

8in1 Yogies

So are you thinking, 8in1 must be great. I mean they do have an excellent choice of nutritional supplement. Well, unfortunately, they also make a Yogies treat for ferrets. Do not give your ferret these, they do not contain what ferrets need. Sure, ferrets love them, I mean I made the mistake of feeding these treats to my ferrets. But just because they like them, doesn't mean they are good for them. Yogies are loaded with sugar and other crap, everything a ferret does not need, even if it is in a treat. Just remember, look for any ferret treat you buy to have the same, or similar, nutritional value as the diet you choose,

Remember, a healthy ferret is a happy ferret

So choose your treats wisely. Like I said, use the same guidelines you would for choosing their food. Meat is good, high protein, high fat, low fiber. Just because it is a treat, doesn't mean it can be junk, that your ferret does not need. The best treats are raw meat, though if you just don't want to deal with that, hopefully I gave you some good jumping off points for treats for your ferrets.



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    • Chelsie N profile image

      Chelsie N 3 years ago from Newark, New Jersey

      May I recommend Nature's Variety freeze-dried bits as well? They consist of only freeze-dried meat such as rabbit, chicken and beef. In addition, they are not messy because of the dehydration process.