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3 Siberian husky Facts That You Should Know

Updated on February 17, 2015
Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky | Source

Siberian husky, a lovely cute dog originated from the Chukchi Tribe, Siberia. Many people love this dog, are you one of them? Interested in adopting one? If your answer is yes, then there are some facts you should know and things to consider before you do that such as, health, psychology, grooming, and etc. The Siberian husky dog has a typically thick wooly coated fur as a part of the adaptation of their cold, original place and as a sled dog. Husky could grow into approximately 60cm (23½ inches) and 27kg (60 pounds) which is pretty big, and has a life expectancy up to 15 years. This dog is very friendly to human and children too, and even to strangers. Huskies are very intelligent; you can train them as long as you understand the true character of them, patience, and has a sense of leadership

1. His/Her Nature

The first fact you should know before adopting a Siberian husky is to know that he needs a routine exercise, why? Because is naturally a sled dog, so daily walk or jog is the best for him. Watch the temperature; pay a little attention on the amount of exercises if you live in a warm or even hot temperature country with high level of humidity. Huskies love to run and play, so it would be better to provide enough spaces in your backyard for them, be aware of fences as well since they like to dig their way out.

2. Fur

Second one is the fur. The fact that the wooly thick coated fur sometimes brings a problem, is quite surprising, they can’t live well in relative hot temperature, you need to place them in a place with air conditioning, and there is a time their coat will shed; during that time you need to brush them daily. It is a better to have a weekly grooming even when the coat isn’t shedding. You really should know about his fur, because it will cause a discomfort and problems later on.

Long haired Siberian Husky that sometimes bring trouble
Long haired Siberian Husky that sometimes bring trouble | Source

3. Health

The third facts, huskies also have some health issues, so consider this before adopting a Siberian husky. Husky dogs usually have a problem in their eyes. They could have a seizure of the eye such as, corneal dystrophy, juvenile cataracts, and canine glaucoma. Husky sometimes has the problem on their hip as well, although it isn’t common like hip dysplasia. Mainly all of these health issues are genetic issues.

Siberian husky puppies
Siberian husky puppies | Source

So in conclusion, if you are 100% sure want to adopt a Siberian husky please keep these in mind. Husky is active, energetic, gentle, playful, friendly to human, and even children, so Husky are the best choice to adopt as a family dog. The wooly fur problem isn’t a big deal if you remember that the fur has a potential to cause a problem and always keep them clean and cool. Don’t forget to walk your dog or jog with them daily, as a natural sled dog, husky has an instinct to run here and there, and hunt. And don’t forget to be aware of their eye health as they have many issues there.

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