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What's The Most Expensive Tetra Fish

Updated on February 23, 2014

What's The Most Expensive Tetra Fish

Shopping for a new fish can easily be one of the most exciting times you can have after your aquarium is set up. However, you will quickly notice the cost of your fish will vary greatly depending on the type of fish you want to have. This is when you may notice some of the fish cost will be really low, but others will be quite high. Since this can vary you may want to start off with some Tetras which are very easy to handle. You may end up asking, though, what's the most expensive tetra fish. The answer to this question will really depend on the pet store you plan on shopping at, but commonly the Black Phantom Tetra is the most expensive one you will see.

Now you may be asking why this fish is so much more expensive than your common Neons or other type of fish. Well the main reason is these are harder to locate and typically the only time they are available is during the seasonal time period. With them only being available in the seasonal time period, it will be easy for you to see the chance of them not being available is possible. So the company has to charge a higher price for the rarity of the fish.

You will also notice the Black Phantom Tetra is a schooling fish as well. So the stores have to keep a certain number of them or other fish similar to them to keep them happy. Now this also means you will have to do the same in your tank, but once you see the beauty of these fish you will want to keep them in your tank in these kinds of numbers anyway to help guarantee you are able to get the proper look and appearance for your new tank. Without this, you may find your tank will have the empty look you may not want to have inside of it because of the lack of fish.

Something else that you will enjoy about getting a Tetra as your first fish, is no matter the cost, they are easy to care for. With this fish being so easy for you to care for, you do not have to be concerned about having to closely monitor the water for changes or even worry about the filter system that much. Now this does not mean you can leave your tank be for weeks on end, but you should realize this does allow you to have some freedom on the frequent water testing or other monitoring you may have to do with the other fish. So you can see this is a great type of starter fish for you to get for your tank.

Being able to get a new fish can be a great thing to do once your tank is set up. This is when you may start to ask what kind of fish is proper for my tank. This is when you need to realize the best fish to commonly start off with is the smaller Tetra's. This fish is easy to locate, but you will also notice you need to ask what's the costliest tetra fish. When you ask this question you may have to consider the pet store that you are buying fish from, but a vast majority of the time the Black Phantom Tetra will be the most expensive one you can see.

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