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When the Chase for the Almighty Dollar goes Horribly Wrong

Updated on January 31, 2011

When only money counts for someone and nothing else

The enclosed link here describes a tourism operator that had an employee slaughter 100 healthy sled dogs because he did not see the expected rise in business after the 2010 Winter Olympics. Simply unbelievable that he would order an employee to do this act and, of course, he wouldn’t have done this appalling exploit himself.

Being a Canadian and having visited Whistler several times, I just don’t get people that only look for the quick dollar and nothing else in an effort to just capitalize on the beauty that is Whistler-Blackcomb and surrounding areas. Whistler is a true all-year tourism haven and now I will always have this beautiful picture stored in my head tainted by these idiots.

There are probably hundreds of businesses, individuals or communities that would have gladly taken ownership of that person’s “surplus inventory”. Certainly he only saw the dogs as that and not as living-breathing creatures. At the time of this writing, criminal charges were to be launched. I think an operation that would prevent the tourism operator from rearing any children is in order, as a minimum.

The employee had to be desperate and really needed a job to even consider saying yes to his assigned task. And now he has to live with the picture of these defenseless animals forever burned into his weak mind. His claim with the labour board for trauma should simply just be denied. You would think that he would have stopped at one poor animal but he is reported to have killed all 100.

What more can one say here? Shocking, truly shocking behaviour for a pair of individuals that are called human beings!! Hopefully, the penalty will be more than just a dent in their pocketbooks.


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