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How birds fly

Updated on April 25, 2015

The bird parts


Bird fly


Whenever we see a bird flying, we think it must be some kind of magic

But there is no magic. How birds fly

Whenever we see a bird flying, we think it must be some kind of magic. How exciting it must be to ride softly on the silent air, high in the sky! Flying seems so different from walking or running or crawling. It seems strange that birds have some strange power that we do not have!

But there is no magic. It is easy to understand how a bird files. Flying is not that different from swimming or walking. Do you know how one travels through water? You swim by pushing against the water. You push yourself forward and the water backward. In the same way, birds fly through the air.

The little birds


The birds fly

The bird flaps is wings and pushes back against the air with each push it moves forward a little. To get up into the air and stay there, a bird has to push down against the air. Each downward flap of its wings pushes the bird up a little.

Orville and Wilbur Wright built the first successful airplane by observing –how birds fly. The airplane could carry man and was children by an engine. It had wings to keep it up and an engine and propellers to move it forward.

Colour birds are attracting good. Birds watching is an interesting hobby.


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