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Where To Get a Indestructible Metal Dog Crate

Updated on August 12, 2010

Review on the Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate

I'm doing a review on the Hercules dog crate it's a heavy duty pretty much indestructible dog crate for those dogs that can't be controlled, come from abused households and are safer in these crates. Here is a little about the indestructible dog crate. This is literally the strongest dog cage you can buy on the market, this cage is constructed of a 3/4" frame, with 20-gauge steel and reinforced with 1/2" diameter steel tubes for the most durable, indestructible dog crate you can find. Designed for powerful dogs, heavy-duty welds & strong door latches and floor grate, removable tray & four removable wheels, two of the wheels are lockable for easy moving. The top part can be open to can access to your dog. This cage pops up fast it takes around a minute to a minute and a half. The crate measures 42" L, 34" H and 28" W.

Information on the Indestructible Dog Crate

Have a dog that can chew out of a cage or some how escape their current one then this is perfect I have recommended to so many dog owners especially your pit bulls, boxer, Shepards, and also your bigger dogs. This can be used for you dogs own safety a metal crate becomes quite dangerous if a metal tube is broken and punctures your dog when they are squeezing out and you have no way of helping them. I love this dog crate because it's a great crate that dogs can't chew or rip apart and the price is a little steep but here is the cheapest I could find it so for more information feel free to click the picture for more information. But picture going through 3 to 4 crates before you realize you have a problem and you have already spent the same amount to get one of these durable dog crates. The crate is also great for dogs with separation anxiety disorder because it keeps them safe from breaking a cage and hurting the dog.

Accessories for the Dog Crate

Also worried about your dog getting food or water in side the crate their is no need to worry because their are also accessories for you to attach to the crate to add water bowls, water bottles, or food dishes. Their are also dog beds that you could add to the crate for added comfort for your dog.  So beside here are some of the limited Indestructible Dog Crates accessories for you to try out.


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