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Where Your Missing Danio Fish Has Gone

Updated on March 15, 2010

Danios are pretty little fish that swim with frenetic glee about the fish tank. They are typically top dwellers and are good for providing movement to an otherwise quiet tank. Unfortunately, they are also prone to sudden disappearances. These disappearances can occur for a number of reasons. This article will explore some of them. It may also be useful in finding fish that are not danios. The phenomenon of missing fish is one common to many fish keepers, but is often attributable to natural causes.


Danios, especially those of the pearl and zebra variety, are prone to being eaten by other fish. If you've got a fish with a mouth large enough to get a danio inside, that could very well be your problem. Fish love to eat one another, most fish are predators by nature, so it is always best to ensure that fish of a similar size are kept together.

Beaten To Death

Danios are violent little fish prone to chasing and aggression. Usually this does no harm, but if a fish is slightly under the weather or injured, danios can easily kill and consume one of their little friends. Take it from someone who has found a skeleton in the bottom of the tank. Danios, (and many other fish) have no qualms about eating their friends. As pretty as they are, fish can be mean. Mean I tell you.

Sucked Into Your Siphon

Be careful with a large siphon, danios are small fish and can be sucked into a large siphon. If you're siphoning your tank out the window or directly down a drain, then you run the risk of siphoning a danio or two to their deaths. Though they move fast, they also move erratically, and they can easily accidentally throw themselves into harm's way. To be extra careful, put a net over the end of the siphon to ensure that any wayward fish don't get sucked up.

Jumped Out Of The Tank

Danios don't often jump too much, but other fish do. If a fish is missing, check the tank surrounds. If you get to it quick enough, it may not die. If it is left for several hours or overnight, it will inevitable perish. Be aware too, that fish will often dry up into barely recognizable shapes by the time they are found. If you have other pets, like cats or dogs, the fish may never be found.


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