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Whimsical and Decorative Birdhouses

Updated on September 19, 2015

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Anyone who needs a house for birds in their garden or lawn would love these birdhouses. You can find whimsical birdhouses both decorative and practical, able to give protection from the elements to the birds in your garden.

Useful if you are looking for a unique birdhouse or are buying one as a gift. They are going to be something to talk about as you show off your garden, and will give you as much pleasure looking at the birds using them, as it gives the birds to use.

You should find a wide selection of whimsical birdhouses for you to give as a gift or decorate your garden here.

Why would a bird need a constructed house for it's nest?

Knowing why birdhouses are so important will make it easier to choose the right bird house for the birds in your back yard.

So why do we need to provide houses for birds?

Birdhouses are replacement nesting places for those birds whose natural inclination is to build nests in the hollows of old dead trees. Now that these kinds of trees are less common, these birds will use built houses as an alternative to those found in nature.

Choosing a Birdhouse

What to look for to in a safe house for birds.

As long as it somewhat feels like it could be a hollow in a tree. To this end, here is what is best:

  1. Natural untreated wood: The best birdhouses are made of natural wood -- plastics and metal tend to build up excessive heat. Also, the wood should be untreated, and birds seem to prefer weathered wood more than fresh newly cut wood.
  2. Ventilation: To maintain proper airflow, you need ventilation holes.
  3. Drainage holes: There should be drainage holes on the bottom of the box.
  4. One large entry hole: While you do need ventilation and drainage holes, birds seem to prefer if it only has one entry hole large enough to be used as the entrance to their nest.
  5. Size: for smaller birds, a hollow space of about four by six inches and about 12 inches deep works well, while larger birds will need larger dimensions.

This one is both decorative & practical - looks good & birds love it


Whimsical, decorative, unusual or humorous bird house?

If you want birds to use your birdhouse make sure to check the requirements above. Finding a safe and suitable coop does not mean that it cannot be both cute and decorative.

But if all you want is a decorative birdhouse, that will not become a bird nests, any of the charming and unusual birdhouses available will work.

This article will identify the ones that are good for birds, and which ones are just right for decoration.

What are the most important criteria you are looking for?

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Face Birdhouses

Good for birds

There are even more of these face birdhouses; they include both animal heads and heads of old men with flowing beards and the most engaging expressions.

I love their quirky expressions that have been carved into them, and they seem to make quite habitable birdhouses as well.

Here are some of the most popular these unique birdhouses, they will fit just as well outdoors, in a patio or even indoors if you just want to use it for decoration.

Whimsical Painted Birdhouses

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Home Bazaar Printed Wren Hanging Birdhouse

A cute painted birdhouse with a beautifully painted purple anemone on the cream background and purple trim. Also, the shingle roof looks lovely.

Some of the other great features are:

  • it is easy to clean.
  • even though it has a painted exterior, the interior is untouched.
  • ventilation is adequate.
  • have suitable drainage.

The entrance hole is 1 1/4 inches.

Camper Birdhouses

Love Bus Birdhouses

Here you can choose from some camper and trailer birdhouses. I like the look of the vintage Volkswagen van turned into a birdhouse as it reminds me of how common they were while growing up.

Most of these are just made for great looks; they are made of resin, probably not the best material for a bird house.

Is not the best for birds, but makes an excellent hanging decoration.

Looks Great - But Maybe Not Quite For the Birds

Gifts & Decor Vintage Trailer Camper Camping Theme Wood Bird House

Vintage Camper Birdhouse

This wooden house for your birds has the look of vintage trailers of gone by days. It comes with appropriate accessories to suspended it from a tree.

It would make a great gift for those who like this style. If used outdoors, use a clear satin urethane spray paint to protect it from the weather.

This one is good for birds.

Whimsical Birdhouses

Whatever takes your fancy, if you want something that makes you remember the wonderful things from the past or remind you of someone or make you smile. These birdhouses are some of my favorite.

I like how the basic shape is so simple, with just that extra touch that adds that unique whimsical appeal.

Most of these are safe for birds.

Simple Whimsical Birdhouses

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Adorable Gingerbread Birdhouse

This adorable gingerbread birdhouse looks lovely and is well made as well from wood and accented in a rustic manner.

One reviewer commented that birds might not like two birds holes in a birdhouse, so closing up one would make this more attractive to birds.

Lighthouse Birdhouses

Some of the most popular designs are the lighthouses. Just like in many other things, a nautical seems to be something lots of people appreciate.

This beautiful house for birds is small and simple yet still looks very cute. At around $10 it is one of the cheaper birdhouses here but is still made well with a lot of lovely little details.

Easy to hang a patio or on a tree branch.

A Really Cute Little Bird house for a Great Price

Birdhouses You Can Build in a Day (Popular Woodworking)
Birdhouses You Can Build in a Day (Popular Woodworking)

Should You Buy or Build a Birdhouse

Most of the options on this page are for bird houses you can buy ready-made, but if you are handy and have the time you can get a basic kit and then decorate it the way you like or just build one from scratch.

If choosing to create one from scratch there are some excellent books and plans you can find around.

You can check the ready made ones for ideas and maybe adjust the plans.

==> Check out some of these books on building birdhouses.

Would you put one of these bird houses in your garden or home?

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