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Whistle Activity Monitor for Dogs

Updated on October 27, 2014

You have heard about the obesity crisis that affects humans, but it turns out that even dogs can become obese when they don't get enough movement - and the Whistle Activity Monitor for Dogs will help you keep track.

This is a tracker that will monitor your dog's activity level, his or her daily behavior, and her health over the long run. Since you can't be with your pet all day to find out what she's doing, but with this activity monitor, you can download daily information to clue you in about her day.

This comes with a small device that attaches to your dog's collar. Then you can download the accompanying app for your iOS or Android device. It uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmit information to your smartphone.

You can create custom goals for your dog by figuring out how much activity your dog needs - and the app will help you do that when you enter her breed, age, and weight.


Getting exercise for your dog

You'll be able to get automatic updates about how much activity your dog is getting and then plan an exercise program accordingly. You can also use this system to add photos of your dog on the timeline or to record important information such as the amount of food your dog ate (and when) or schedules of medication you've administered.


Keeping track for the vet to see

Taking this information with you to the vet can help you see if your dog is on the right track or if you need to make changes to improve her health. This device will help you keep track of what's going on with your dog. Then you can decide if you need to take your dog on an extra walk each day to increase her physical activity or if she's getting enough running outside or playing with other family members and pets. The battery on the device is rechargeable and will last for about 10 days before you need to recharge it with the included charging dock. You may think that your dog is getting plenty of activity, but when you begin monitoring it, you might find out just how sedentary your dog really is.

Whistle for Dogs


You can extend the life of your dog as well as her quality of life by making sure she gets enough exercise each day and that she's at a healthy weight. With the Whistle Activity Monitor for Dogs, you can get real data to help you make health decisions for your pet.

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