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White Deer: Vintage Examples

Updated on December 19, 2015

This is a collection of vintage photographs of white deer. More well be added as I come across more for my photo collection. White deer are generally not fully albino but leucistic, carrying a gene that caused greatly reduced pigmentation. White deer used to be very rare and so became the subject of mythology and superstition. While inbreeding has now greatly increased the occurrence of white deer, they are still an attractive curiosity that many people are interested in seeing.

This hub is devoted to collecting reports of white deer from prior to 1950, mainly relating to captive deer inn zoos and wildlife parks..


A taxidermy example in an unusual outdoor pose. Location unknown. This picture would date from early last century, perhaps around 1910.


Franklin Park Zoo

Franklin Park Zoo has been home to white fallow deer. This photo dates from around 1925.


Greenfield's Deer Park

This photograph is annotated: Greenfield's Deer Park, Hastings Michigan. This may have been something of a tourist destination at one time, but no longer seems to exist.


This linen postcard to the right dates from around 1930 and shows a white doe and fawn. The location is not provided, but I am going to guess it is the same location as the card shown below: Rock City, Georgia.

Unidentified Examples

The following pictures are from unknown places and time periods. Any information you might have about them would be appreciated.

To see some more modern examples of white deer, please visit this hub.


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    • EsmeSanBona profile image

      EsmeSanBona 5 years ago from Macon

      Do you happen to have any information on the White Hart or White Stag in Grail mythology? I know a bit about it, but am still seeking more information. According to what I have read, it apparently symbolizes Christ, but I have been unable to ascertain why other than the fact that deer shed, then regrow their antlers. I'm assuming the whiteness would lead to purity, hence Christ, but I can find nothing to back up my assumptions, so any info would be appreciated. Grail mythology is a personal pet study of mine and you seem to have a lot of knowledge in the subject of mythology. Thanks!

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 5 years ago from America

      There are white deer in our parks here. Their very pretty.