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Who Saved Who?

Updated on December 15, 2017

Who Saved Who

I had just lost someone special to me, when I was out one day I just happened to bump into someone taking a kitten to the shelter because she was the last one and nobody picked her. I never like to hear an animal has to go to a shelter but when it is a kitten I feel exceptionally bad. When This little kitten looked up at me it was like she was saying "I am scared, help me" I took her right there and we went home together.

Here I am home alone with this little kitten, I am hurting because my partner is gone for good and it was so unexpected. This kitten is in a strange new world with this man she just met and she does not know what may become of her life.

After a couple days it started to become clear that all we had was each other, and it was a match made in heaven. She was unsure of everything new but her curiosity always got the best of her and she would explore. She had this way about her that seemed sassy to me, being my first cat and learning about their personalities prompted me to name her Sassy.

You have to remember that I am going through the grieving process while all this is happening, and it is the first time I am experiencing the loss of a spouse so it hurts. I am unsure of what my future is going to bring and now I have this little bundle of fur that is getting attached to me and becoming more playful as the time goes by. I surely had no idea how she would grow on me. I never let her go without having toys to play with, she had so many I had to get her a toy box for all of them. It is so amusing watching her pick one out that she wants to play with. An me going around picking them all up, it reminds me of a home with young children and toys everywhere. I love it!


We Needed Each Other At First

I saved her from starting her life in a shelter, and our local shelter is a kill shelter so who knows what could of happened. And she has been there for me ever since I brought her into my life, she would make me laugh and cheer me up when I was having hard days. She never failed to curl up and sleep with me, which was great because I was adjusting to being alone again and she kept me from being alone.

She was the runt of the litter and that may have been why she was not taken, I thought she was so cute as small as she was. She has not grown any more since she was six months old, she has remained a small cat and I find that so adorable.

I have never regretted taking her into my life, it is a big step for me to get an animal. I take it as a serious commitment, when you get an animal you are making a commitment to care for it as long as it lives. It becomes your responsibility to give it a good home, feed it well and give it attention.


Growing Up

As this cat grew up she became even more playful, the first year of her life I did not have many visitors so she was shy around people. She grew out of this as I started to date again and bring people home. She was very funny because first she would not come out and get near anyone, then it became a thing where she checked them out and let me know if she liked them. It was funny because she had to approve or she would not want any part of them. When she did like someone she would tell me in her way by letting them pet her and going to them for attention.

My Best Friend

This cat has developed into my best friend and I am happy with that, it could sound sad that someone's friend is a cat except I do not view it that way. I am proud of this little girl and she can have anything she wants.

Sassy turned 6 years old a few months back and recently I brought someone home that she told me was a keeper and I had to agree with her. They took to each other in a special way that I have only seen Sassy do with me. Now I am out numbered by the two girls in my life, fortunately they both are crazy about me and let me be the man. I am through the grieving process and most of the pain is gone, I still have days I miss her but I am able to love again. I know it was Sassy that helped me get through it, she has two people that love her now and I have never seen her happier. She takes turns spending time with both of us and plays so much now.

If you are fortunate to find a friend in an animal like I did then take good care of him/her and spoil it. I get Sassy plenty of toys, and things that make her happy. Recently I got her a bed which I did not think she would like because she always slept with me, I did not like the idea myself because I started thinking she would not sleep with me anymore.

It is about her and her happiness so I broke down and got it for her, she likes it and uses it every day but still sleeps with me most nights. It is her place to go when I am not home or having a restless night. When she is happy I am happy.

Part Of The Family

Always treat your pet like part of the family and appreciate that you have it, you are committed to it's happiness so make sure you do that. It comes easy for me because this little furball may have saved me in return.

Get you little buddy some toys and other things that keep her busy and happy, check out this scratching toy or all the other cat toys that will come up when you click on it.

Family Update

My family has grown to my live in girlfriend and three cats. The second one stole my heart when saw her in the cat cage at the pound. She is two years old and over 20 pounds, she runs and plays with the baby pretty good. The third one was not planned and I did not want another cat, she showed up at a friends house and she was in bad shape. I took her she went directly to the vet, after a couple weeks of medications she was back to a playful kitten. She is about ten months old now and I have never heard her meow. The only noise she has made was to grunt like a pig while playing and she does purr pretty loud.

What is Your Favorite Pet?

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© 2015 Vince


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    • iggy7117 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from New Jersey

      Thank you, she is a doll

    • quicksand profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice looking cat you've got!


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