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Who is the Monkey Man of New Dehli

Updated on November 13, 2010

Monkey Man of New Delhi

       Who is the monkey man of New Delhi?  An urban legend, mass hysteria or a real creature?

     According to the evolution theory we all came from apes. So could the monkey an be from this lne, somewhere between ape and man?  There may be a whole race of these creatures living in their own cities.  WE can be encroaching on their territory thus the sightings. 

     The Monkey Man was reported in New Delhi in 2001.  This creature was reported to bite and scratch people.  A few deaths were reported when these people tried to get away from the monkey man.  A Hindu sadhu was beaten after being mistaken for the monkey man.

     The monkey man's general description was four foot tall, thick black hair, resembling a man.  He also had red eyes, metal helmet and metal claws.  He was reported to be strong, agile, see in the dark and shape shift.  Some theories were he was an avatar of Hanuman, possible big foot or a cyborg that could be destroyed by throwing water on it.

     The sightings caused a panic.  Police offered a reward for any pictures of the creature.  It was also thought that it could be an escaped zoo animal or someone pulling a prank.

     Psychologists believed the sightings were figments of imagination, caused collective hysteria.  No forensic evidence was found to support the sightings.

     May 20, 2010 was the last sighting the policed received.  Was things settling down?  One interesting note:  The press reported the monkey man was seen getting on an airplane going to Moscow.  Now, really, don't you think it would have been captured?  Something like that wouldn't make it through boarding.  What would you do if something like that was on a plane with you?

     Maybe this monkey man was really a boy who wandered off from his parents while on vacation.  And the father was really ten foot tall and weighed 400 pounds.  Should we be worried?


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    • Peter Dickinson profile image

      Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

      I never heard of him before now. Thinking on it though I know a few people who fit his description. Interesting read.