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Why Animal Testing is Bad

Updated on February 20, 2016


Animal testing is the use of animals (excluding humans) in experiments to study their behavior and biological system. Animal testing is usually used for medical purposes or for cosmetics testing. It is estimated that worldwide, tens of millions of animals are experimented on.

We are cold-blooded people for using innocent animals for our own purposes. One example: animals die just so we can have a new type of lotion to rub onto our hands, not to mention, because of many reasons, animal tests are unreliable. In this modern day world, there are better ways to experiment that do not include testing on animals.

Animal Testing Cruelty

We, as humans, have the responsibility to stop animal testing. Why don't we? Is it because we do not care about animals? Surely it is not; after all, there are many animal lovers out there in the world. Right? Wrong. Animal lovers do love animals, but they do not do anything to stop animal testing. All for the greater good.

Rats, chimpanzees, mice, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, cats, dogs, and farm animals are also used for animal testing everyday. This is not only cruel, this is inhumane. Animals are living beings just like us - they live, breathe, sleep, and eat. Animal testing goes against all ethics we, as human beings, have.

Unreliability of Animal Testing

Animal testing is not only cruel, it is unnecessary, because it is unreliable. The genetic makeup, blood, and skin of humans and animals are simply different.

The illnesses of humans and the illnesses of animals are the 1.16% of the time. According to Huntingdon Life Sciences, the results of a substance on animals and the substance on humans are the same less than 25% of the time. If we were to believe animal tests, we would learn that lemon juice is, in fact, poison. Many drugs that pass animal tests are harmful to humans, the percentage being about 90%.

Humans are injured, become ill, or even die, because the unreliability of animal tests. Is it worth it to sacrifice all these humans and animals?

Animal Testing Alternatives

So what if cures to many diseases and vaccines to many sicknesses were discovered through animal testing? Animals require food, shelter, and treatment, not to mention the fact that it often takes weeks to see the results. Don't people realize there are better ways to approach science - cheaper, quicker, more accurate, and more efficient ways that do not include casualties?

For example, biotechnology. Simulating how human cells would react to certain substances. Furthermore, technology is constantly developing, and we would be able to find cures much faster if we used it. Growing humans cells in a test tube is also possible by scientists in the lab. Or perhaps, a simpler way - taking human skin leftover from surgeries. These are only some of the numerous alternatives people have came up with.


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Animal testing is cruel, unethical, and immoral. It is horrid to punish these innocent creatures who cannot speak up for themselves.

Animal testing is illogical, based on the fact that animals and humans are different. It is unreliable - drugs that are alright for animals may not be alright for humans.

There are better alternatives to animal testing. Technology, artificial cells, leftover skin, these are all cheaper and more efficient ways to approach science.


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