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Why Cats Need Toys

Updated on May 31, 2015

Active Cats

Cats are very active creatures. They need to stay fit and active not only for their physical health but also for their mental health. Outdoor cats or house cats, they all have the same hunting and stalking instincts. When these instincts are not fulfilled, cats will be bored and unhappy.

Most cats are only allowed inside homes where it is safer. Granted they will live longer but they have more tendency to be inactive. Even though these cats are just at home, they still need to be happy and active. However, good nutrition and regular vet care is not enough. You cat needs more than that. It needs you to enrich its environment.


Why Toys?

Toys is not only a great tool for playing with cats but also helping your cat exercise. According to HumaneSociety.Org, your cat's imagination can turn almost anything into a wonderful toy that she'll bat around or chase to her heart's content. Typically, cats most enjoy playing with small, light objects that are "flickable".

In addtion, cats also love empty paper bags to investigate and "hide" in. Remove the handles so your cat doesn't get caught in them. He could be terrified if he's chased by a big paper bag. Empty cardboard boxes are also popular with cats.


According to VetStreet, the cat with the most toys wins. Every indoor cat should have toys for batting around, toys for chasing, toys to hide inside and toys for interactive play. And don't forget that some of those toys ought to have catnip in them. While not all cats can enjoy the fragrant herb, those who do find it extremely blissful. If your cat is a catnip junkie, indulge him frequently. Rub fresh catnip onto cat trees or scratching posts, or stuff it into toys. It's perfectly safe for your cat to enjoy the buzz.

Interactive toys or smart toys are the most enjoyable ones. Every cat lover should have a "kitty tease" toy, like cat wand toys. It is basically a flexible rod with a line that ends in something furry or feathery to engage a cat's prey drive. Other interactive toys are gloves with goodies dangling from the fingertips, or laser pointers that offer cats a spot of light to chase. (Just be careful not to aim the beam into your cat's eyes).

There are a lot of feather teaser toys around now and I have seen various types of them. Some have lots of small feathers, or a big peacock feather or even a little jingle bell. Some have really long handles, some have short ones. Either way, your cat will surely love them. Just be careful in picking out these wand toys. Be sure to invest time in picking out high quality wand toys to make the most out of it. Go ahead the find some cheap cat toy!

More on Toys

Cats also enjoy furry mice. There are dozens of different colors and varieties of furry mice. Some even make a noise when the cat bats it around. If you've seen Tom and Jerry, there's no need for further explanation on why cats enjoy furry mice.

Another popular cat toy is catnip. According to an article, felines usually become quite excited and playful upon being exposed to catnip! Catnip has the potential to make some cats overly excited or agitated so use caution and do a little research before deciding to introduce catnip to your cat.

Another is a play cube or cat tunnels. Cats love to hide and investigate in constricted places so play cubes and cat tunnels are perfect play for them. You can play hide and seek with your cats in these.

Other fun toys include, paper bags, plastic balls or pingpong balls and cat videos or DVDs.

Cats, especially indoor ones, tend to get bored and inactive easily and it is not a healthy habit. Cats must keep being active. As caring owners we should provide them with toys to keep them active and stimulated.


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