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Why do Dogs Sit on Top of the Car

Updated on May 1, 2017

Usually stray dogs in the neighborhood like to sit on top of the cars, after the night falls. You might be curious, what prompts them to sit on top of the cars or vehicles? Though no one can claim the exact reason, but there are a couple of considerations, usually the behavior is related to the outdoors. Check this article to find the clues for their behavior.

Dog sitting on top of the czr
Dog sitting on top of the czr | Source

1. To get the better territorial view

Dog are descendant of wolves, which turn into extra territorial at nights like wolves. That invokes them to sit on top of the cars or other vehicles to guard their territory, and to get the wider vision to watch their territorial boundaries. Usually when they observe if any dog from other pack are encroaching their boundary, they trigger a howl to warn the pack member about this movement. That’s reflected their inherited behavior from wolves. Also, when they hear strange noises or poster any suspicious activities, they reach on top of the cars to get the clear and wider vision to monitor their territory.

Dog sitting on car
Dog sitting on car | Source
Dog on top of the car
Dog on top of the car | Source

2. Signal of Dominance

Revealing the supremacy in the pack is the natural behavior of dogs. Stronger dog tends to dominate the other dogs of the pack. They do some activities to get attention and prove them superior, like leading the pack on a walk, sitting in heightened places and proactive guarding of their territorial boundaries. They do such activities to get the attention of pack members that create the structure of taking the lead in the pack and provides a sensation of dominance and leadership. Dog's behavior, sitting on the top of the car reflect their dominance. The usually stray dogs became more territorial at nights and it’s more frequent to spot them sitting on the top of the car.

3. Sign of illness

While dogs are suffering from illness, exhaustion or distress, they like to be at isolated and reserved places. They choose such place to be away from noise, inhabited places. And top of the parked cars is an easily available option for them in urban areas.

Dog sitting on top of the car
Dog sitting on top of the car | Source

4. Suitable temperature

Usually stray dog loves to sit on top of the cars during summer nights, because the metal on the roof of the car has a better heat conductivity that became colder and provide them a better napping spot. And during winter, dog love to sit under recently parked cars, because they get the warm temperature because of the engine heat.

Dog sitting on car
Dog sitting on car | Source

Also, you might have noticed, stray dog sitting on top of the other animal?
- Though that’s rare, but you might have seen that, they sit on the top of other animals, because of the body temperature of other animals. That gave them a warm feel during winter and cooler, during summer.

5. Affection with their stuffs

Most of the dog loves their toys, stuffs and they are caring and protective of them. Some domesticated dogs don’t like their owners to touch their play ball and chew stick, bed or other stuffs.
The domesticated dogs, who frequently ride in the car, became grudging and protective for their vehicle. You can notice, some dogs go aggressive when they notice an unknown person touches their vehicle. They're protective and self-regarding nature keeps them around the car. And when the car is parked they get top of the car, a better place to sit or sleep and some dogs make that habit.

Dog sitting on top of the car
Dog sitting on top of the car | Source

6. The safe place

Usually stray dogs turn out to be more active and territorial during nights and also they go aggressive to other dogs. Some weak and young dogs find the top of the car a safe and suitable place to hide and defend. And a better place that help them to look out and protect from other dogs.

Dog sitting on top of the vehicle
Dog sitting on top of the vehicle | Source

7. Clean and hygienic place

All the animals including dogs, love to be at clean and unsoiled place. That’s why the stray dogs in urban areas love to sit on top of the cars.
For the dogs residing at the noise and populated areas, it’s difficult to find a neat and clean place to sleep at night. But the top of the parked car is an easily available option. The top of the car is a better place during rain season that also keep them safe from insects, mosquito and other maggots that usually troubles them.


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