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Why Do Ferrets Stink? How To Make Them Not Smell.

Updated on July 25, 2012

Why do Ferrets Smell?

Ferrets don't really smell, it's just an odor your not use to. Ferrets usually smell in a pet store because they are with 5 other ferrets and the not spot changed when needed so your smelling a full days worth waste. Ferrets do have a musky smell to them slightly. The reason for that slight smell is the oil their skin produces which causes that smell. There are many different ways to cut down or eliminate the smell from your ferret. So don't be afraid your ferret won't smell if you follow these steps.

Will bathing my Ferret help it smell less? Nope

Bathing your ferret might relieve you from the smell temporally it will actually make things worse in the long run. The reason is when the ferret is bathed it strips the ferret of it's natural oil. So the ferret produces more body oil to keep their skin and coat healthy so the more you bath the more oil they produce. The easiest and most effective thing to use is a ferret body spray and their are so many different scents to help keep your ferrets smell in check. I love my ferret but I also love his baby powder smell from the spray I use.

Ferret-Off is a great spray that helps keep your ferrets odor under control.  This is a newer product that is great it's a little hard to find.

The Ferret Deodorizer is Perfect For your Ferret for when your not bathing them. The Deodorizer and Conditioner Eliminate strong ferret odors.As well as leaving your ferret with a healthy and shiny coat and fur. Does your ferret have dry or flaky skin then use this cucumber melon spray to help relieve your ferrets skin.The spray contains Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil.

Synergy Royal makes a ferret spray for controlling odors and comes in 3 fragrances English Garden - for her. British Limey - for him. Green Orchard -

Greatest Thing Made For Controlling Ferret Odors

Marshall ferret bi-odor contains a patented blend of amino acids and enzymes that work to deodorize your ferrets urine, feces and body oil and internal odors. Just add bi-odor to your animals food or water supply and within one week you will smell the difference. This completely safe and natural product is the easiest way to reduce odors where they start... Inside your pet.This product works best if used in the water because ferrets take it easier that way. I have 3 ferrets and people could smell them when entering my apartment and if you own ferrets you know that's true. But after a week and a half I invited someone over and they couldn't smell them and actually asked if I had gotten rid of them. I said No I'm trying a new product and I guess it works.  LOL So I speak from experience that it works. Marshalls makes great quality products since they are the leading breeders probably in the world.

How often should Bedding and Litter be changed

The litter pan should be changed or at least spot cleaned daily and the bedding in the cage should be change weekly or more depending on the ferrets.  Mine sometimes need to be changed twice weekly.

What type of bedding should be used.  Carefresh is the most absorbent bedding and is safe for ferrets.You can used it in the litter box and the cage.


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    • profile image

      alex 5 years ago

      there is also some stuff you can put in their water and food that is supost to help. i was wondering if it does. i have not gotten my ferret yet so i cant try it out

    • caninecrtitics profile image

      caninecrtitics 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      It might be time for you to use the Bi-odor i listed above.

    • profile image

      PissedOwner 6 years ago

      This is bullshit! I have the spray and my honey-b still smells like crap! It stinks man eewww