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All dogs bite, not just the big ones

Updated on August 27, 2012

There Is Always A Reason!

Dogs don't bite for the fun of biting, there is always a reason behind it. Just because people don't understand how dogs see things doesn't mean that the dog didn't have a reason for its aggression. Dogs are not people, they don't reason or think like people. They only have one true way to protect themselves and that is with their teeth. People are allowed to defend themselves with what they have, we can hit, punch, kick, bite... It's called self defense. When a dog feels threatened or in danger and they use self defense they get murdered!

In some cases dogs should be humanely euthanized due to safety of other animals and people. However, that should be viewed on a case-by-case basis not "every dog must be destroyed."

Unlike people, dogs don't kill or attack for sport. Those that do, as in dog fighting, are forced into the situation by people. Without people, these dogs would not be fighting, at least not for peoples enjoyment. It is only a sport if there is human interest in it!


Dogs can't express fear the way people do. When we are afraid we can say so, we can remove ourselves from the situation, or we can defend ourselves. Dogs can't tell you that they are afraid, they usually can't just leave (although some have gotten pretty good at hiding under furniture), but they can all defend themselves. Dogs react to everything even if you can't tell. People can't know how dogs think or reason because dogs are different then people. When a dog defends it's self it bites because it can't do anything else.


Dogs can't tell you that they don't feel good or that they are injured. The only way for a person to know that something is wrong is to notice a limp or doesn't eat the way the dog normally would. Sometimes it's an injury that only hurts when its touched. A dogs reaction is to defend it's self. It can't tell you to not touch it's ribs or scratch behind the ears. It snaps as a reaction to pain just like people tend to yell, holler or cry if someone was to step on an already broke toe or give a hug to someone with bruised ribs.

Dogs with long hair also tend to be "snippy" if they get their hair pulled, even by accident like when they are getting their hair brushed. If someone pulls on their ears or tail, the dog may bite because it hurts them. Dogs can't tell you to stop.


Dogs don't give hugs! This is a big deal with kids. Kids like to "hug" dogs and some do snap or attack because of it. It is not the dog's fault or the child's. Dogs have natural reactions to things just like people do. A dog's natural reaction to arms around their neck, even as innocent as a hug, is to defend themselves. It is a natural instinct that dogs have. Some dogs don't react at all but dogs around people they don't know or in a new environment are likely to take a "hug" as an attack.


The first way to avoid dog bites is to use common sense. Education is the second most important thing. Common sense says don't pull a dog's tail or ears, educating children to not pull a dog's tail or ears is just as important. More bites occur when children are not taught how to properly interact with dogs. No matter how people friendly a dog is that doesn't change the fact that it is still an animal that can't tell you to stop or that you are hurting it.

This applies to every breed of dog, big or small, they are still dogs. We love them like family members but we need to be aware of their instincts.


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