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Why Dogs are Good Friends and Considered a Man's Best Friend

Updated on June 13, 2014
dog via morgueFile
dog via morgueFile | Source

During 18th century dogs are kept for hunting and gathering. The are used by hunters at night to secure and guard there territories.Nothing-less dogs are just treated as animals not pets. As the days goes by dogs become one of the most favorite pets on town because of its lovable traits and sincerity. They have the intellect in different ways. Some dogs are trained for security, some are dogs are raised to become humans pet and others have unfortunate fate.

According to Wikipedia the origin of the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) began with the domestication of the Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) several tens of thousands of years ago. Genetic and archaeological evidence shows that humans domesticated wolves on more than one occasion, with the present lineage of C. l. familiaris arising probably roughly 15,000 years ago as evidenced by the Bonn-Oberkassel site, 14,000 years ago. Domesticated dogs provided early humans with a guard animal, a source of food, fur, and a beast of burden. The process continues to this day, with the intentional artificial selection and cross-breeding of dogs to create new breeds of dogs.

Dogs are really cute. As a proof we have our dog in our house and her name is lucky. She was lucky enough to be domesticated by us because she come from and azkal or street dogs and my little brother was the one who tame and care for it first.

Date back our family hated dogs because it may bite people and that may cause rabies and that is another expenses. But since we domesticated lucky our dog our perspective towards dogs had been change. To be true they are very lovely to be cared and tame of. They are sweet and adorable.

Here are some reason why dog's become man's best of friends

1. Whenever you go home and open the gate surely the first one who will gonna welcome you is your dog and that is based on my experience

2. They manage to listen about your worries and problems. One of my very best experience is when i was on the rooftop and our dog sits beside me like she understand my problems.

3. They are very funny and playful

4. They will be there for you and go with you at times when no one wants to be with you.

5. They also sleep beside you like making some guidance and comfort at night

6. They will rescue in the best way that they can. As a proof my grandma which had already suffered from Alzheimer disease and she keeps on walking even she's too weak. While playing bingo at the sala we just realized that grandma went up from the stairs but fortunately our dog bark at her and thank god shes safe.

7. They embrace you in times of sadness like a human who pampered a friend.

8. They become part of the family.

9. They admit when they commit mistakes. Today i just battered our dog because she bite my new slipper. She need some lessons!

Dogs are like human they have feelings and heart. Care and love them and they will give it back to you. Respect them for they needed to be respected also.

Do you have a pet dog? why?

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