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Why I Love Animals More Than Humans

Updated on June 29, 2017


Anatole France rightly said "Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened.". When ever I walked past any animal, I forget all that is going through my mind. My focus shifts from the worldly turmoil to that furry creature, who seemed to be walking in its own drum beat, in its own world. My heart tells me to summon it and may be converse with it. I can not define which relation, but I surely seem to make some sort of instant relation, from the moment I meet it. Soon as I meet that creature, I want to ask if it was fine if it was fed well. I also want to play with it. I get the same response back. Tail waging with innocence in the case of dogs, constant mewing with a body brush in case of cats, unflinching patience in case of birds, elevated ears with curious look in case of cows. All seem utterly satisfying and relaxing. I did not have the chance of making acquaintances with other animals, but I am sure they would have their own sweet response patterns, which I long for. Most people think animals are messy and smelly, to which I don't disagree. They are less civilized and that makes them like that, I find it completely normal. I wonder how can someone not fall in love with those eyes, that fur and those stuffed and live, cute looking toys?!

My blood boils after seeing animals in pain, and I instantly want to do something about it. It might be because of natural circumstances or because of thoughtless human act. Having said that, let me clarify, that I have no evil thoughts about non vegetarians. I am a part of most animal activist and animal welfare groups. I will be a member of PETA soon and wish to contribute as much as I can. Some people might laugh at me or call me crazy because of this relentless affection towards animals, but that does not bother me an inch, because animals make me happy. From my childhood years, I do not remember a single month, where I did not have animal acquaintances. May be that is the reason, why I feel awesome about them. I have enlisted major reasons, why my love for animals is more than people. You are free to express your will in the comment section below.


Cats, and especially kittens are the most difficult pets to keep. When I am at my worst temper, and when my pets seem to be severely pestering my daily chores, I tend to yell or hit (obviously not so much that they suffer!) them. Next moment, when I summon them for food or play, I never see a single sign of grudge that they might've held from the previous incident. They seem all the more loving, may be with the anticipation of extra love from me, as they saw my dark side. Unlike humans, they do not hold grudges, which makes me love them wholeheartedly. How many times have you come across an individual, who instantly forgives for the abuses you hurled at him/her? Few. Forgiveness from pets also make you a better human being as it leaves an positive impression in your mind, teaching an important lesson - the world is small, forgive and let go!

They keep you FIT

Pets are said to aid in both, physical and mental health. There are numerous health benefits of owning a pet - they are good for heart, curing asthma,curbing allergies. Animals need fresh, natural air and so, they have a constant urge to go for long walks. Just keep a cat in your house for the whole day, it will find a way to sneak out. ( I cite the example of cats, as, you know I owned a few.). For some reason, animals know basic laws of staying happy - and one of them is being one with mother nature. If you own a dog you know how important it is to take it out for a walk. When you take your pet out for long walks, naturally your blood pressure and cholesterol levels comes down. People who owned a dogs walked 300 minutes while those who didn't walked only 168 minutes per week, says a research. This is something you ought to do, so you can't make excuse or procrastinate. Pets will destroy your loneliness in case you are living alone. They will enhance the feeling of mutual care and responsibility, ensuring better mental health. Pets are known to be a great stress buster. Simply cuddling them is proved to reduce stress levels and depression. Dogs have a very sharp sense of smell, almost thousand times better than us, and so it can also sniff out a dangerous disease. Pets can also help you distract from chronic pain. They help relieve endorphin - the happy hormone. Patients who had pets as visitors, were proved to be in less pain because of the same reason. Simply caring for a pet can be a positive distraction for many.

They will make you feel IMPORTANT

One of the deepest longing of human beings is the desire to be needed, to be useful. I had many cats and they relied on me for food and shelter. Cuddling occasionally. Unfortunately, they can not express what they want. You should be knowledgeable about what and when they eat and provide them accordingly. If you don't, they would signal you by making random sounds, or loitering around you. You need to predict and know what they really need. When it comes to cats and dogs, they are no less than a small human baby, crying for milk or comfort. I will be the first one to agree with you, that they their maintenance cost is high. But when you are involved taking care of their daily chores, you feel important, you feel that you are needed and you make a difference. What do you get in return? - companionship, cuddles and a lot of play time. How much would you pay to someone who can banish your loneliness forever? Don't pay anyone - just adopt a pet.

They help you RELAX and HAPPY

Studies have found that cuddling a furry animal can reduce 60% of stress levels. If you've had a tough day at work, says research, simply presence of animals can lower your tension. This helps in eliminating stress related heart strokes. Animals are also seen in nursing homes for elder people to view, for the betterment of their health. The therapeutic animal effect can be seen in several hospitals with surprising results. As they show unconditional acceptance of love along with companionship, this proves to be a boon for mental health. Their calming presence and social bond delights the brain. Owning pets have also said to eliminate allergies in children. Talking about dogs, they help in boosting self esteem, as you know that they love you no matter what. Pet owners have a feeling of belonging and fruitful existence in their lives as compared to people not owning pets.

Animal happiness isn't as complicated as humans. If I offer pedigree to my dog or whiskas to my cats, they are so intensely happy, that it makes you happy in turn. Looking at them, I feel like radiating their happiness.They live in the present, and are not bothered about life goals, relationships or exams. Bottom line - it is fairly easy to make animals happy unlike people. And the sense of satisfaction stems from the fact that you have created a comfort zone, in this cruel world, for at least one little creature.


A study show that pet owners were more empathetic and accepting with other people of the community, as compared to people who were not pet owners. Living constantly with a pet, accepting the way it behaves, taking responsibility of its needs, paying attention to its requirements - all these also reflect while nurturing relations with other members of the society. Pets are proven to be great for families too, as they bring them together. I remember when my parents visited my home, and when we had nothing to talk about, we would talk about our pets - its naughtiness, behavior and habits. It used to become a fun topic for conversations. If you have kids, pets can teach them how to treat others with utter kindness and responsibility. In the absence of a family member who nurtures the pet, it becomes the job of someone else in the family, it might be kids. This teaches them to be particular about time and habits. Animals are best teachers when it comes to making us realize that we are not the only one living on this planet.


Humans might make plots to commit a crime, to steal someone's car, to ruin someone's life. Animals are clear. If they dislike you, its pretty perceivable. If they love you, its even more clearer. Soon, as you own them and take care of them, the feeling of hatred banishes in thin air and they are sure to barks, squeaks, and different noises, once you return from work. Primarily they have few things to do in life. Eat, play,reproduce,take care of young ones (for females) and sleep. Nothing else goes on in their mind, which makes them easy to anticipate. There are no wild guesses as to what your pet is up to. They are least interested in playing politics with you or showing indifference. They are mute which means - they can not give you advice, belittle you, insult you, or hurl abuses.But they still communicate with their own sounds and body postures about basic things - eat, play and sleep!

Final Word

"Kahiin door fek k aao inko."(throw these creatures out!). "Khana kyun dete ho aap inko?.( why do you feed them?!) "Get rid of them or else we will have to escalate this matter". I got to hear these things from my secretary when they found that I own pets. I heard it from one ear, passed it across to another and forgot about it. I have never paid any heed to such non sense people. Remember, Indian Law states that no one can stop you from feeding strays or taking care of them. For me, it is a boon to live alongside with these amazing creatures, who leave deep footprints of life lessons. Animals have always been and will be a priority for me in my life. In our country (India), less people adore animals. Most have vague understanding of their capabilities and wonders.

I have rescued several animals throughout these years i.e. cats dogs, birds etc. I urge you to do the same. Ask any pet owner, and they will enlist the same benefits I have penned down. I have been vegan and I believe that's the modern way of eatery. People did kill animals for survival, when they did not have enough intelligence to cook food, I would call that as ancient method of eatery. I believe each one of us have equal right to live and no creature should suffer just to fill our bellies. Remember, animals were here before us - we are their guests. To take care of them and to nurture them should be our prime responsibility. This is Divyam signing off.I would be glad to read your thoughts on this matter in the comment section.


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    • DivyamChhaya profile imageAUTHOR

      Divyam Chhaya 

      19 months ago from Pune

      Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your thoughts, Cindy! It might be the case elsewhere,but in the country where I belong (India), there is a dire need to change people's attitude towards animals. I think there should be a separate subject in schools for animal education. Thanks again! :-)

    • chewtt2 profile image

      Cindy Hewitt 

      19 months ago from Sarasota

      I definitely agree with James' comment about there being a huge societal shift that is occurring in our country. I am an animal advocate and help a local shelter with public relations and donations. This shelter is just one of many that has turned itself around and I see hundreds of stories every day about new attitudes toward our animals that we have as pets.

    • profile image

      James H. Mundy IV 

      19 months ago

      Excellent essay. More people should reflect this empathy towards animals. You put a lot of thought into this. And there is a huge societal shift occurring in the USA, especially towards pets and even Big Cats, hopefully worldwide!!!!


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