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Why Not To Get A Dog?

Updated on February 18, 2012

Considering a dog? Hold on a bit- never rush into getting yourself a good breed of dog. Having a dog companion is never an easy thing because it entails a lot of demands from the owner. Here are a few things which you might reconsider before engaging into the vocation of dog owning:

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Investing Time

Aggressive and unsociable dogs usually result from the master’s lack of time spent with the dog. Nothing compares to a dog which is trained and always being cared for by its master. In this case, if your life has too many preoccupations or you feel like you can’t spend too much time with your dog, you might want to look for other hobby options.

For the Exercise Buff

You might need to wake up as soon as the sun rises in order for you to stroll your dog in the park and in order for your dog to get the amount of exercise he needs for his health and well being. If you are a bed person who usually wakes up late, then this is not for you.

Neaty Person?

Are you the type of person who wants everything squeaky clean? Dogs are not the type of pets which you should have. With a dog inside your home, expect prints on your tiled and polished floor, scratches on your couch and during the early days of training, you might as well expect dog poops on the floor. And you have no choice but to resist the smell and clean up the mess. You need to have a strong stomach in order to survive the early days of taking care of and training a dog.

Not For the Weak Nosed

If you have a strong nose to withstand dog smell in and out of your house, then it may be something for you to consider. Otherwise, try looking for other pets which are not smelly. Perhaps, taking care of dogs is not for you.

Potential Problems to Anticipate For

In serious cases, you might get sued by your neighbors or any other involved persons should your dog destroy some properties, bite other people, and disturb others by constant barking. There are also other cases brought about by dog misdemeanor which can really hurt your pockets, too.

Getting a dog is really not something to be taken lightly- it is a commitment which should emanate from one’s love for dogs and willingness to take care of them, regardless of their work demands. Although it would be very tempting to get a dog for a pet, especially when the breed is just so cuddly and amiable, there is more to it than just pure cuddling and petting.

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