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Why Puppy Obedience Training Is Important

Updated on January 28, 2010

Your dog is probably going to become your best friend, but for now, you need to maintain some semblance of control over them and to attain that control, you'll want to consider puppy obedience training.

By starting early, you can ensure that your dog learns who is in charge and what that means for them. Likewise, you'll be able to maintain your level of dominance and learn how to train your dog in more than just obedience, but to have fun with and play games.

Communicate Through Puppy Obedience Training

Puppy obedience training helps you and your puppy learn how to properly communicate as well as to respect each other, both of which are vital to keeping your dog calm and well behaved at all times.

Dogs are very social creatures. In the wild they live in packs and for that reason, if you do not train them properly they will begin to show the signs of that ancestry, barking excessively, digging holes, and being very aggressive.

Recognize Normal Behaviors In Puppy Obedience Training

All of these are normal canine behaviors that you must work to train out of them or redirect to the proper channels. Chewing is perfectly fine with a good toy, but not when you leave the house and they get a hold of your work presentation.

Puppy obedience training does not just weed out this unwanted physical behavior; it helps to establish the social dominance you want over your dog. In the wild, there is only one alpha leader and that dominance is necessary to be able to say to your dog sit, come, or stay and have them listen. By teaching your dog to perform obedience tricks, you are not only exerting dominance over them, you are giving them fun new things to try with you.

Puppy obedience training will generally make living with your dog much more fun. You cannot allow your dog more freedom when they're trained, but they will listen to you most of the time, offering their compliance freely.

Some of your friends might tell you it is too early to train a puppy with obedience school. However, it is almost never too early as dogs are relatively smart and adaptive animals. While they have fairly short attention spans, you can still begin to teach them the wide array of commands and obedience you want from them early and hopefully avoid the bad behaviors they will display later in life.

Lay The Foundation For Puppy Obedience Training

Puppy obedience training is a perfect place to start and allows for not only your dog but you to learn the basics and get started. Once you've laid the foundation for proper training, you can continue to teach your dog all of the necessary tricks, commands, and respect it needs to learn as it grows older.

You might be able to bypass much of the discomfort of an unwieldy puppy by laying that groundwork early and attending the right puppy obedience training before your puppy reaches that special phase of unruly aggression that many dog owners have trouble with.


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