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Why Rabbits are Man's Other Best Friend

Updated on September 23, 2015

Rabbits - What You Don't Know

People are often surprised to hear that I have a pet rabbit. Many people are entirely unfamiliar with rabbits and they find them strange and exotic. Rabbits are actually not so different from cats and dogs. They like to play, they beg for treats, they are affectionate, and they have their own ways of communicating.

Here are some reasons as to why rabbits make the best pets and some things you need to know before adopting one.

My pet bun
My pet bun

They Are Affectionate

They lick you, just like dogs do, to show their affection. If a rabbit loves you, then he or she will show you that they love you by licking you and cuddling with you. They often want to jump right on you and sit in your lap whenever you are near or they will lay down next to you and take a nap.

Rabbits are some of the sweetest animals on the planet. They only ask to be next to you and that you pet them once in a while.


They Like Cookies

Maybe they would like people cookies, but rabbits have special cookies that you can buy at any pet supply store. They also have yogurt drops, donuts, danishes, and croissants, no joke. My rabbit's favorite is the yogurt drops in cherry flavor!


They Love a Great Massage!

Rabbits love to be massaged and there are tons of materials available to help you figure out the best way to massage your bunny. Massage is particularly beneficial to older bunnies with arthritis, but rabbits of all ages enjoy a nice body rub.

I make sure to give my rabbit a massage once a day along with the rest of her regimen. And she loves it!


They Will Be Your Best Friend

Rabbits have a way of silently listening to you and being there for you whenever you need someone most. It's not because they don't have a choice. My bunny will come up to me and sit with me when she can be off doing anything she wants. Whenever I am really upset she jumps right on me and just sits there trying to comfort me.

Rabbits have unique personalities just like cats and dogs do and they are also subject to mood swings. I can tell when my rabbit is irate or grumpy and when she is in a particularly good mood. This mostly has to do with body language, but I can sometimes see a slight change in her expression (believe it or not).

They also know how to communicate. They can bite you (not hard) when they are irritated, thump their back feet, or make crying sounds. Sometimes they thump and make crying sounds in the middle of the night which is totally creepy (they do this to signal danger to other rabbits.)


So Basically...

Rabbits are awesome! If you are considering getting a small pet, a rabbit should be at the top of your list. They don't bark all night long or climb up your curtains, but there are a few things you should know before you adopt:

They eat stuff. Rabbits will chew on or eat anything in their path (kind of like goats) including furniture, carpets, electrical cords (extremely dangerous) books, I said, anything. If you are going to keep a rabbit, make sure his or her living and play areas are free of anything that you do not want destroyed and especially things that are dangerous to their health. Prevent them from chewing on doors and baseboards by providing them with lots of toys to play with and nibble on.

They need space. Rabbits need adequate space to stretch their legs and run around for at least three hours every day. A cage is fine if it is big enough, but all rabbits need time outside of their cages. Also, if you keep your rabbit caged for many hours at a time, make sure that there is a soft and comfortable flooring for you rabbit to rest on! If you are able, make a living area for your bunny rather than a cage or build a special habitat for them.

Aside from that, bunnies are not difficult to keep. They just have their own set of needs, like all animals. Just keep their space clean and clean out their litter pan or box once a day (yes, they can be litter trained!), provide them with adequate space, and enjoy their company. Massages and carrots are most welcome!

Cute Rabbits

Want a Rabbit?

If you are looking into getting a rabbit, definitely consider adopting! There are plenty of rabbits who need homes and would love to join your family!

If you do adopt from a shelter, be sure to take your new bun to the veterinarian for a check up. Check out these other resources to receive the proper education on how to care for your rabbit.

Do you own or have you ever owned a pet rabbit?

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