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Why Get Toys For Your Cats?

Updated on May 27, 2012

Cats are wondrous creatures, it is in a cat’s nature to want to bat and chase objects around the house. However, have you ever thought about what a cat really get out of batting a toy mouse or playing with a moth that sneaked into the house after you went out?

Cats are domical, but, they still have instincts entangled in their genes to help them adapt to survival. Most animals in the wild as well as in the home adapt these skills by playing. The younger offspring of cats will get in practice they need because it is a play activity and not one that is being forced upon them.

The first thing that cats tend to develop first while there young is instinctual hunting techniques. They develop this hide and seek techniques while they play. While they stalk the little play mouse around the corner of a couch, they hone in their hearing and vision to adapts to this style of play. They build there essential muscle tone by wrestling with their litter brothers and sister. They build the stamina to complete the kill by chasing things by running from run room to another with no definite purpose. Of course, when they are hiding and suddenly become underfoot they are practicing their reflexes by attacking your shoelaces. However, when you reach to pet them sometimes they will bite your hand this is normal parts of a cat’s behavior.

Interesting Homemade Cat Toy :)

There are many things you can use besides your hand as a play toy for the cat. Cats tend to need some pretty sturdy play things. You cannot fault a cat for making instinctual choices to their play methods. S, the best way, to keep from getting scratched or bitten by your pet feline is to buy the uinters some safe, practical toys. Some of the things you can find in your local pet store or online. Here, are some suggestions on what to look for.

· There is a toy that kind of reminds you of a fishing pole most cat owners have seen or purchased one in the past. If, you are not able to keep up with your cat this is something you can play with them from your favorite chair or spot. Watch as they attach the evil line with malice in their eyes

· Most pet stores carry cat forts, which will give your cat a free place to climb and play. They will jump from location to location which also helps them build balance and reflex.

· Fake mice are always a party favorite for your feline. Your cat will enjoy pouncing and stalking the mouse through the jungle of carpet in your home.

· My cats favorite is small balls he loves to play fetch with them.. Sounds weird but cats love to be active, but most don’t play fetch mine does:-P so you may want to get a few of them so you don’t have to go get the same one every time.

· Of course, if you think your cat needs a pick me up catnip is nature’s way of telling them to loosening up and relaxing.

· Sometimes you don’t necessary have to buy anything. My cat enjoys a good box more than anything. So, search for a small box for them to play. Also, enjoy jumping in and out from or small paper bag never use plastic your cat could suffocate.

· Also there are some new ones I have see they look like flat discs and the cat chases it around the rim. Although, I have never had one people say that cats love them

Cats are very intelligent by nature so don’t under estimate your cat keeping a variety of toys around is a good idea. Because, cats may get bored with the ones he has. So change them often and swap them out every few months to keep his mental stimulation going.

Just like you get bored with things, cats do to, so make sure, you spend time with your cat and you will notice those cats with the best relationships also have the least amount of behavioral problems in the long run


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