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Why To Adopt Not Shop Cats & Dogs

Updated on March 21, 2016
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Ruby is a reseller with a growing catalog. He created Billionaire Pets Club. He also has his own Youtube channel on a variety of topics.

Save Me!
Save Me!

The Right Thing To Do

When people buy a dog or cat from a breeder or pet shop, the truth is there are dogs & cats being killed in the shelter. It is a sad system. People can't breed people, but they are unfortunately allowed to breed pets. These animals that are being killed are not bad either. A lot of the time it's a bad owner, I understand someone passing away or being unable to take care of the dog for some other legitimate reason. However most of the time that is not the case. Sure there are dogs who misbehave but when getting a pet you should be prepared to get training if its behavior is not suitable, when a kid acts bad do you just send him or her away? I hope not.

Smile Worth A Thousand Word Caption
Smile Worth A Thousand Word Caption

Worth It In So Many Ways

Around here the adoption fee for getting a dog or cat is much smaller than the cost of buying one. Please don't go saying but I can't pick out the one I want, because there are shelters dedicated to specific breeds and even at regular shelters I am sure you can find one to love. I thought once I was going to get a husky, I saw one but it wasn't the dog for me and I ended up leaving with a wire hair terrier who is now my best friend. An old friend of mine payed $2,000 to have a dog from Alaska shipped to California, well that dog was such a handful and they had a lot more grief then enjoyment. It was a pure breed, sure they can be great dogs and found at shelters but they do happen to have more health problems. The majority of dogs in the shelter are mutts.

How About A Dog... & Cat?
How About A Dog... & Cat?

With A Little Help From A Friend

The dog or cat you see behind those bars could be your best friend. Nothing like going to the shelter, looking around, then seeing an animal that you know is the right one. I've never had a ungrateful shelter pet. Sure all dogs are loyal and take after their owners. But there is something about a dog or cat that has been "locked up" then saved by you. It seems to be just a bit more protective, a bit more attached, especially after it finally finds relief in your arms. These are smart critters they know what's going on. Don't believe me? Go get one for yourself, but only if you have a big enough heart!

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If That Didn't Convince You, Watch This!

Don't Forget Supplies If You Do Adopt

Burt’s Bees for Dogs Tear Stain Remover with Chamomile, 4 Ounces
Burt’s Bees for Dogs Tear Stain Remover with Chamomile, 4 Ounces

This works great to get the gunk off your dog's eyes. I use it on my 3 little mutts.



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    • roob profile image

      Ruby 21 months ago from United States

      @Sneha Sunny: Thank you for the read and support!(: I bet you'll make a great pet owner in the future.

    • Sneha Sunny profile image

      Sneha Sunny 21 months ago from India

      I too am a supporter of adopting pets rather than buying. I don't own any pets as of now but I do plan to do so in the future. :) Great hub! :)

    • roob profile image

      Ruby 22 months ago from United States

      @Sgt Prepper: Well some dogs are a handful just like some kids, but do you put em for adoption? (Your situation did sound tough though!)

      I had a dog that arrived on my doorstep one fourth of july, probably got away during the fireworks the night before. Well he was never allowed inside and this is a home where all the animals sleep in the bed. He was so hyper and you literally had to put a new pair of clothes on after going outside with him!

      The barking is tough though in your situation, can't just keep it outside. To be honest at that point I would have tried a dog trainer even though I have never ever hired one in all my years of having pets. So lesson of the story if your not willing to get a dog training I would avoid dogs.

      Though Sgt Prepper I would recommend if you want one then go to the shelter and you can mingle with the dog before you adopt it. If it is a pure breed it might be a bit more hyper. I would suggest getting a mutt which is a mix as they have less health problems. Ask the shelter people to show you a mild calm dog and I am sure they will have at least one of those. Might be an oldy who just wants a couple more good years of life!

      Take care partner!

    • Sgt Prepper profile image

      Gunny Cracker 22 months ago from Elkhorn, WI

      After reading this I was almost convinced to go out and get a dog or cat from the nearby shelter. We have owned several dogs over the past forty years and I sometimes dog-sit a Golden Retriever. We once bought a boxer from the humane society because she had run away from its owner so many times he could no longer afford to post her ever-increasing bail.

      Over a five-year period we had her spayed, got her shots and a yearly license and saw our house get messed up every time we left her home alone. Outside in her $500 pen she would bark constantly until the neighbors registered complaints. She did not shed or have fleas but ran away a couple times a month. If she got outside without a leash she would simply trot off faster than we could go to catch her. Each time we had to pay a reward or fine to the humane society. Then one day while fishing I took her collar off because some metal on it turned her neck a little green.

      As soon as I let got it off of her she started trotting to a nearby farm field. I ran after her calling her back but she just kept going across the field and into a woods. A week later I saw her listed in the newspaper turned in yet again to the humane society. Boxers always seem to get "adopted" so I never went and got her. Never told my family either until long after she was gone. Don't miss that dog at all.