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Why You Should Share Stories of Animal Cruelty - Even When They Are Sad or Graphic

Updated on March 31, 2016

"Nobody Wants To See That!"

We've all been caught off guard by some awful bit of nastiness on social media as we were innocently scrolling along. It might be graphic nudity, a crime scene photo, an abortion protest or animal cruelty. We all have the same reaction: shock, disgust, horror, sadness. We all want to turn our heads so that we don't see the ugliness. It's a natural reaction, and completely understandable.

The problem is that when we turn away our heads, we are turning away our minds, and our hearts. We are turning away our power. It's one thing to be offended or sickened, but by turning our heads we are allowing things like animal cruelty to continue because we are not addressing them. "I don't want to see that! Nobody wants to see that!" It's true. Nobody wants to see it. Compassionate, caring people don't want these things to go on at all - but these things still do. If we can't even stand to look at images of cruelty, imagine having to live it. The animals don't get the option to turn their heads and pretend it's not real. They don't get the luxury of choosing not to look. It's their reality. They have no voice and no way to stop it. It's up to caring, compassionate people to do something to help them.

It's Hard - But Do it Anyway

It's never easy to talk about these things, but if we don't acknowledge them, they will never stop. In order to fight cruelty, we must shine a light on it so that the people who engage in cruel acts know they cannot get away with it. Remember: for every person that hides it in their newfeed or unfollows, three will share a story or sign a petition. Those are good odds, so keep at it!

If people respond with hostility, try to remember that they are speaking from a place of compassion: they don't want to see stories of animal cruelty because it's upsetting to them. That means they care. They are good, compassionate people. Encourage them to use those feelings to act rather than reject. They can donate funds and goods to shelters, make public service announcements and videos, sign petitions, write to legislators and judges, adopt a best friend and save a life... there are many things a person can do to help. At the very least, anyone can share things on social media. Social media and the internet make doing something to help easier than ever. It doesn't sound like much, but it's probably one of the most important things we can do to help create awareness and it's easy! Everybody can do it.

You Can Do Something

Sharing things on social media spreads awareness. Because of social media, more people are being caught and punished for animal cruelty. Because of public outcry, courts are starting to hand out harsher punishments. Laws are being changed. People in authority are taking notice. Sharing videos, pictures, stories and petitions about animal cruelty is working. It does help. Refusing to look at the ugliness, refusing to share stories and refusing to act says, "There's nothing I can do about this" and that's just not true. We can all do something, even if it's just to help spread awareness. The more people know about something, the more people will care. When more people care, they will act. If everyone believed there was nothing they could do about anything, nothing would ever get done. One person can do something. Lots of people can do anything.

Be their voice.
Be their voice.


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    • profile image

      Lauranimal 2 years ago

      Right you are, thank you for saying this. But people already saturated by so many nightmarish things don't need to keep piling it onto their weary, broken hearts. I remember every single dog I've ever encountered in life, strays on the streets, those I've rescued and love forever, all of them, and there've been many. Yes, terrible things are happening to animals every moment, and we need to work to raise awareness and appreciation for animals and condemn and reject all animal cruelty by humans. But there comes a point when we cannot take any more of hopelessly witnessing the most horrendous suffering on Earth lest we lose our minds and our will to live on and continue fighting. People who need convincing, yes, they do need to be confronted by these horrible graphic things, since they like to deny them. But the rest of us need to protect our minds from being destroyed by this ongoing trauma. Poor animals, living and dying through things people are horrified to even admit to, look at or listen to. And legally too, as in slaughterhouses, vivisection labs, etc. This species of ours has got to change drastically, or I hope we all get wiped out as an experiment gone wrong, a hopeless failure.