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Why You Should Use a Dog Training Collar

Updated on June 15, 2011

Dog Training Collar

There are a variety of dog training collars used for training dogs. These collars come in many sizes for every type of breed of dog. A dog training collar has many uses but there are many just to train dogs. It's best to use certain types of collars on dogs that are more pain resistant.

Training collars for canines are used to keep control over your dog. You can grab the collar and force the dog to follow you, you can teach a dog that pulls to walk by your side. They can be used to teach “sit”, “down” and "stay". Also you can teach them to come to you by the use of a training dog collar.

You, the owner, must judge how sensitive or non sensitive the dog's pain threshold is. You would want to use a different collar on a dog that was more pain sensitive than a dog that is less pain sensitive.

If you have a pain sensitive dog such as a greyhound, you wouldn't use a prong collar to teach him, the pain would be too great to bear and he wouldn't listen. You would just use a flat collar or a halter to train him/her.

If you have a breed of dog such as a terrier that has a high tolerance for pain, then you would want to use a prong collar.

There are also shock collars for dogs that are used in training hunting dogs or teaching them to stay in the yard.

What Collar will Work for You

Using a collar takes understanding your dog breed. With that knowledge you can select a collar that will work for you.

Best Dog Training Collar Reviews

Whether your dog is a Chihuahua or an Akita, there is a dog training collar that you can use. Each of these collars has its strengths and weakness. There is the flat collar, slip collar, Martingale collar, head halters and shock collars.

  • The Flat Collar – This is the average collar that dogs wear for identification. It can be used to hold a dog or pull him back to you.
  • The Slip Collar or Choke Chain – This is used to constict around the dogs neck thus getting his/her attention. The pain sensitivity of the dog is a factor, pull too hard on the collar it will cause pain.
  • The Prong Collar or Pinch Collars – These collars are good for teaching a dog to heel at your side. These can be used for dogs with high pain tolerance such as the terrier group.
  • The Martingale Collar - This can be used for any dog breed. This collar is recommended for Greyhounds and other sight hounds. The sighthounds necks are larger than their heads, thus making it easier to slip out of an average collar. This collar applies an even pressure and it's no slip.
  • Head Halters – This collar has the design of a horse halter and is used the same way. It was created to prevent pulling from dogs by applying pressure on the nose and throat. Those who don't like it say it is unnatural and can injure your dog.
  • Shock Collars - These apply a shock when a dog does an undesired behavior. They are used by duck hunters training their dogs to retrieve water fowl. They are also used to train dogs to stay in an area of a yard. Another use is training a dog to avoid snakes. On some breeds too sensitive for these collars this would be a torture device while others due to their high tolerance for pain wouldn't feel it at all.


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